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TO: Hate mail senders, some commenters, some bloggers
FROM: The person who does not hate Andrew Sullivan (that's me, dorkass)
RE: The whole Andrew Sullivan thing and especially the email that stated "just because you have to shake your skanky ass on my dad's lap to make money,"

Yes, this is about Andrew Sullivan again. Sorry to bore you but it is necessary to review a few things here for the IQ-impaired.

1. My post was meant to be tongue-in-cheek and slightly humurous.
2. I harbor no ill will against Andrew. In fact, I stated that I like him.
3. I think he is a very talented writer and deserves to paid however salaries he is getting for his writing.
4. I actually donated to his last pledge week.
5. I never said anything about Andrew being a tax evader. People brought that up in the comments; I am not responsible for what they say.
6. In fact, I deleted several comments that were hateful towards Andrew. You can say whatever you want about me in the comments and I'll deal with it; don't start spreading hateful lies about someone else on my space. If you are all bitter and twisted, start your own site and use your own bandwidth to be an ass.
7. I do not begrudge Andrew his succes, not at all. I just want a taste of the pie.
8. Yes, I am jealous of him. Who isn't jealous of someone who can raise 80k like that?
9. I am not using my boobs to gain hits, readers or money. I already have two of the three with or without the gratuitous cleavage shots. The money, I make at my job, which does not require me to be naked or to sit on someone's lap and shake it, thankyouverymuch.
10. Nothing, I just prefer even numbers.

By the way, if anyone does donate to my tip jar, I promise to use the money to pay for lobotomies and/or shock therapy for several people.


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ooohhhhh lobotomies - a highly underutilized surgery these days :-)


I'm honestly not jealous of him. I could never ask for a salary from the people that read my blog -- but then again, I've never claimed to be, or tried to be, a professional writer. And there's no way I could ask for, much less keep, $80K. Now if I raised it, Todd would probably be out of the country with it faster than I can say "PayPal refund" -- but I've never been able to control him.

I think the way it was presented bothers me much more than the fact it's being done.

Actually, I think Andrew Sullivan is pretty horrible excuse for a journalist. Probably Howell Raines only good move was when he fired him.

But anyone's entitled to try to raise money. More power to 'im if readers pay.

I admit to being fairly ignorant of the blog world until I stumbled across this site, but the idea that someone has already made $80,000 from a blog and has his hand out for more seems rather questionable to me. The guy seems to have a large number of, shall we we say, "intense" supporters - and he's begging for money - sounds kinda like a televangelist. ;-)

Geez, people. Give the woman a break. ::sigh:: Some people's kids...

How do we get on the shock therapy waiting list?Does pie come with the treatment?I'll hang up and wait for my answer.

So the whole naked and shaking it in the laps of others is just for fun?

Is there a Boobies-n-Pie Combo deal? THAT I'd pay for. Hell, I'd even pay extra for SUPERSIZED.

"So the whole naked and shaking it in the laps of others is just for fun?"

I can't think of a better reason for doing that, Lair...

I too thought a second pledge drive in one year was a bit much (also got a couple of trolls in the comments).

I certainly admire him as a writer. I'm not nearly as enamoured of his blog.

"By the way, if anyone does donate to my tip jar, I promise to use the money to pay for lobotomies and/or shock therapy for several people."

Thank you, my family would never be able to afford to send me on their own... You are truely a saint, Michele


And shit, I wouldn't pay to read my own blog, why would anyone else?

Andrew Sullivan has a gay following on his website and gays will characteristically support another gay and apparently that loyalty translated into the sum of $80K worth of donations. There are gays that are also rich patrons who are generous financially in collusion to their sexual preference. In Andrew's own words, "a base that can assure the site's survival," referring to the number of pledges, 7000 being the optimal figure. In the light of the success of his earlier donation drive, it is a brazen request to ask for more donations for a tip jar that was filled only 6 months earlier, when probably a large portion of the alms is still in his refrigerator, and reflects a desire to milk the momentum of the charity drive to the point of windfall profiteering. In fact, a lot of the recent contributors might take offense by his application to second-mortgage his webblog so readily. The fund-raiser may backfire into a fiasco against Andrew, but evangelists have received no less support from their own flocks, where the devout membership continue to re-contribute week-after-week without any misgivings of being taken for granted, or being served spiked Kool-Aid in a tin punch-bowl someday, or with any sensible accountability from the television messiah. Andrew claims that he has the expense of a web staff to clothe and feed. Unless, the subsidy is a gay brigade, supersized, over the standard unit of your stereotypical queer-entourage, the nature of the liability is simple greed instead. In all fairness, admiration should nonetheless be bestowed on Andrew's entrepreneurship for posting his request for funds so openly in place of beating around the bush or the tip kettle. His pioneering energy is sure to benefit all blogs, as a whole, in the future. When the blogoshere reaches a stage of maturity, then, plees for financial support by a web site will not be considered verboten, or require the blogger to feel squeamish on the topic of receiving renumeration through the option of voluntary subscription. Beats all that benevolent ass-kissing however genuine the praises are in most cases. Both parties to the liason, rich blogger and en-riched junkie alike, are sure to benefit if that ideal world ever sees the light of day. But that's just one bloggee's personal opinion, on one day in June.

Um, I haven't read Mr Sullivan's site, but from comments by several bloggers, I don't think that there's just "gay readers" tipping him. Could be wrong on that, though.

Damn! RON figured it out. It's a big gay conspiracy. They meet in the office next door to the Jewish cabal.

I think there's more going on than simple jealousy. There's a question of accountability here. And given AS's focus on accountability in media, it is fair game. In the first fund raiser, if long-term memory serves, the promise was that the money would go, among other things, to pay for a research assistant. The latest request, if short-term memory serves, promises to go to support a live presence at the conventions, among other things. It's fair to ask, I think, whether the first set of promises was filled. If not, where did the money go? And if it was used to pay for a research assistant, why isn't this person receiving any credit for his/her work? Wasn't this one of the issues raised in the recent (and somewhat justified) NYT bashings?

One the question of the demographics of AS's supporters: the gay cabal charge is silly. AS posted, at one point, a demographic profile of the site's readers, which is likely to track closely with his financial supporters. Again, if memory serves, the percentage of gays in the site's readership was higher than in the population at large, but far from a majority of readers. (AS's politics don't align that closely with large portions of the gay community.) The queer cabal charges are silly and a bit offensive.

"I don't think that there's just "gay readers" tipping him."

"It's a big gay conspiracy. They meet in the office next door to the Jewish cabal."

"The queer cabal charges are silly and a bit offensive."

Wanna place any bets on the topic of contention? 50 to 1 odds, then. On sound foundations, my premises are conjectures devoid of all scientific data about gay genes or moral projections to the contrary. Let me mention, I have for many a night, tossed and turned, kept awake by thoughts that my female acquaintance next to me is lesbo, other than that, one of my better friends is gay to the point of wiggling when he walks and he makes motions and poses often with a limp wrist, so I have a rather sterile base from which to make assumptions about fairies. Interpretations that I inferred that Andrew's readers were all gay are incorrect, however that does not extend to any reference about the percentage of gay-contributors or to the percentage of the total contributions in gay-dollars of his fund raising campaign, for homosexuals demonstrate more loyalty than all other groups in society put together. Nothing is silly about dealing with hard cold cash, that's just a fact of life in an adult world not withstanding a few Tinkerbells here and there. Andrew is smart beyond his era and realistic in having a staff to facilitate his webblog and all should follow suit if they take their blog-writing seriously. Otherwise, be sure to keep your day job--if you can't take this job and blog it--on your own terms. It's not aways possible to spare unpredictable hours fixing a hard drive or recovering from after-work cramps without trading away the commodity of creativity in the fatigue and stupor. These ancilliary items fall under the perview of a staff. As far as the tip-jar money goes, I could care less if Andrew goes on plane-trip-junkets like he was the President of the Red Cross or if he sits there every night and counts the paper dollars with his clothes off, just as long as the material he posts on his blog is worth every $20 or $500 smackaroo that his investors were so delighted to part with. Since any ill-begotten money in reality is not a salary, blogs which do not produce satisfactory material will not be re-compensated if metamorphosis becomes procrastinated. Someday, the blog-bubble will burst from its own helium and Andrew may well be among the few surviving specimens to his own credit and to my well whishes, even as I disagree with his over-eagerness. But that's just one bloggee's personal opinion, on one day in June.

All the above.

Blogger in June,

I'd take your bet. Of course, there's no way to settle it, so we'll have to just go on our merry ways, convinced that we alone understand the spending patterms of homosexuals. (I'm a big queer--the lesbo next to you, the source of late-night Angst--and don't spend money along orientation lines, If your friend attests otherwise, we'll have to call it a tie.) And I agree that what AS gets is rightfully his and that under most circumstances, he wouldn't owe anyone an accounting of where the money goes. But, if someone says "give me money so I can buy X," there's some kind of implied contract or at least trust that X is, in fact, in the picture. Differences aside, though, you're funny. I hope I come across your blog some day.