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these are the michel(l)es that blog

[see post here for reference]

Michele's Thoughts [she links to some of the same people as me!]
Minutiae [she blogs about dreams, she blogs about kids and she works on Long Island!]
Michelle Miles [she likes the Foo Fighters and she thinks Michael Moore is an ass!]
Michele Tepper [One L and she lives in New York!]
Michele and Andy [Hey, my secret lover is named Andy!]

I'm calling all of you out, posers!


So which one(s) are you going to sue? ~_^

Yes, we should all genuflect before your humility ...

Michel(l)es have a ways to go until they match the power of the Kevins. :-)

Oh, great, now everyone knows!

OK, people, forget you read that so we can go back to being all secretive and stuff.

A one-'L' Michele, she's a preist*.
A two-'L' Michelle, she's a feast**.
But I will bet
a day outta hell,
that there is no three-'L' Michellle!

Many apologies to Ogden Nash
(And I'm going to ignore any posters who say it's a "thri_ll to read any blogs by

  • well, a blogosphere preistess, anyway
    • MichelleMiles links to http://www.quickpickling.com/

hey! i think michael moore is an ass, too. i guess i never wrote that though because everyone else did.

i couldn't ever hope to approach your acerbic tone and the dedicated frequency with which you update, though... envious sigh

You also appear to be living another life in South Africa.

Michelle at windspirit

You do get around.

Don't look at me. Tepper? Barely even know 'er!

Another Michele blog:


Dave, you get a pass on that joke, as a fellow-sufferer. Barely. But nobody calls me a poser!

I wouldn't visit that last Michele blog at shellybeans.org It's nothing but her bragging about how much money she has and telling lies about other people.

A Michele place neat! Well I'm the Michele at Shellybeans.org whom ever the troll was that left that snide comment--jealous of all the wonderful michele's eh? I have another great one, coffeesoup.com

Katie knows what she's talking about. Although if you know about Michele, her blog is good for a laugh.