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spiders in my sleep

I have several different gaming systems in my house. I have a zillion games between the two computers.

Yet, what have I been playing obsessively for the past week? Spider solitaire. You know, the one that comes with Windows.

I can't win. I won't stop playing until I do.

I think there is a real live monkey living in my computer and he messes with my head by dealing me hands that cannot be won. He laughs at me as he deals all Aces in the first hand. I hear him. I hope he doesn't have the monkeypox.

(See, I can do the mundane things about me blogging, too! I'm so diverse!)


HAH! I win regularly. Must have to do with my left(y) brain.

is it weird that i have never once played a computer game on either of my systems, nor have i ever owned a console system (at least not since my original 2600)?

yep. thought so.

I've won the easy and medium modes (1 suit and 2 suit), but the 4-suit hard mode is just that...hard. Haven't won a hand yet. Gimme FreeCell, instead, where every hand has the possibility of being won.

It's probably a spider monkey. I hear they cheat.

I've been playing the hard mode. I thought I would welcome the challenge.


I'm addicted too, I keep trying the $ suit version and just can't do it, so I give myself warm fuzzies by slaughtering the 2 suit version..

You are not alone it seems. I too have been enjoying the joys of Spider Sol. I have not had any better luck in hard then you have.

Believe it or not, except for a small number of exceptions the vast majority of all 4 suit Spider hands can be won as well.

If you are addicted to Spider, you should definitely not visit goodsol.com.

If you're not using your X-Box, I'll be glad to take it off your hands.

Play the easy version if you want instant gratification- it lets even me win half the time. Then I step up the level and the gods slap me down.
So I go have another white russian and go back to Bejeweled. Take that, Spider Solitaire!

Since you've been playing the 4-suit game, I suggest you try the 2-suit level. 1-suit probably won't be enough of a challenge.

Use the cheat ability to go back one step, and it's a lot easier to win.

Love the game myself. There's a newer version than my win95 one?


i too am struggling under the hands of the gruelling 4 suit spider solitaire. YES there are monkeys in the computer. in fact it must have been monkeys that invented the game. havent got a game out yet and i am obsessing. will not stop till i do.