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Ok, one more thing on Andrew Sullivan.

Several people have emailed me to defend Andrew, saying that his HIV medicine must cost a lot and he needs the money for that.

If he blogged about that and asked for money to help with his medication, I would have reached for my wallet immediately.

But it's not about that. He makes references to bandwidth, assistants, being paid to blog, etc.

And that's that about that. Now, I have to go run around the blogosphere to make sure that there are no other slightly Republican warmonger Yankee fans using the name Michele. Because that would be like, identity theft or something. Even if the person didn't know I existed until I sued their ass for ripping me off.

NOTE: Comments have been turned off on this particular post. Take your fighting elsewhere.


Well, quite frankly, Andrew Sullivan is in a far more secure financial position than many HIV sufferers.

If people want to pay him, fine. but don't pretend it's an act of Christian (or otherwise) charity...it's about touching fame, in my opinion.

Hey, it's true. There are other Dawn Olsen's in the world. Sadly, none want to be associated with me, so they changed their name. And who can blame them. I am a fucking bitch.

I just saved everyone the time from having to say. You can thank me later :)

I take donations too. But I won't get any.

Let's see...There is Bill Graham, famed concert promoter, but did you know that before him was Bill Graham, the promoter for Buffalo Bill's (Cody) Wild West Show and the man who discovered Annie Oakley? Then there is William R. Graham, one time head of NASA and Space and Scince advisor to like 4 or 5 Presidents (Ford to Clinton I think). Then there is me, famed...um...well, let's just say I'm a different Bill

And what about if someone was commenting as, oh, "Michelle" with a site called asmallvictory.us or whatever, that kinda looked like yours, covered the same topics as you did, yet did it badly... how many BILLIONS of words would you be spitting out about that???

Yeah! snort

Oh man - how I wish you hadn't linked to that train wreck over at Dawn's. I couldn't stop rubbernecking...that was just...words fail me, they really do.

Now you have me all paranoid about being attacked for misrepresenting myself, so I'll sign as...

Hope I haven't confused you or your readers all those other times I used my name...then again, I did have the name first, so...

I'll say it again - total train wreck.

Bill... you missed one. How about Billy Graham, the world-famous evangelist?


Typical leftist tactic....Don't acknowledge that you are wrong , Point out how small one is for not recognizing the handicap behind the statement(s) that proved them wrong. Its always someone else’s/things fault.


I wouldn't mind at all. After all, my name is MICHELE not Michelle. And everyone who knows me would never confuse the two spellings.

By the way, those sites referenced above look NOTHING alike. Nothing. I've read both and there was no confusion on my part as to which was which.

Yes, I know how your name is spelled, that was my point. And I think you'd be braying like there was no tomorrow. Partly out of sincere rage, partly because it'd be good fodder for what you do.

It only took me about 2 seconds as to not be confused -- and I'm a natural blonde, even.

It's not "identity theft" as much as it's calling someone on what might even be a subconscious appropriation, and who's too young and too arrogant to admit to otherwise. Writers, musicians, etc. do it all the time. Why would she admit to it? I wouldn't. It's the Moxiepoop who's getting all histrionic over this. She also claimed (somewhere in the deluge of comments on one site or another) that fifty (!) individuals have written her directly about this. No--there was just one person who did. Me. Ah, gotta love them camgirls ...

This thing is like kudzu. It's going to spread and take over all the good blogs.

Yeah Simon, that one brings back a lot of bad "When's your next sermon?" elementary school taunting episodes.

If anyone cares anymore, read the comments under the post about this on right-thinking.com before you go thinking you know exactly what happened.

Dawn's words need to be taken with a grain of salt. She's not quite as mature as she pats herself on the back for being.

Oops, there I go, spreading vitriol and hate. Wa-hey!

(Dawn OLSEN, to be more specific. Sorry, other-Dawns!)

As I recall, Andrew said some time ago that he has chosen to forego the usual HIV treatments, and is doing just fine without it.

How about very republican warmongers named Michelle? There's Michelle Ferguson of Brazos Cantina - http://www.brazoscantina.com

I find it amusing that all of the harpies that are involved with trashing moxie (the Atari moxie, not the cackiling harly at .nu) have disallowed comments. They're lying about being banned from Lee's site, they're attacking moxie (the good moxie, not the wordy, shrew-like harpy at .nu), and not a one of them has come up with a good argument or a lick of proof that the good moxie (again, not the gripe-bag at .nu) every heard of .nu much less "stole her identity."

The whole thing is utterly stupid, and Dawn and the .nu harpy should be ashamed of themselves for acting the way they have.

Gee, Jim, I think I ALREADY addressed that.

You can only hold me responsible for what I DO, or have the rules of life been changed.

"Plus that bitch surfpunk was proliferating my comments section like a swarm of insects and I ran out of bug spray."

"Feel free to go over here and comment though, cause these pathetic assplows enjoy rolling around in garbage, but beware -if you comment too much they will ban you, like they did me."

So when you disable comments because of one person "proliferating", that is different from you being banned for commenting too much exactly how?

Dawn, I'm not entirely sure what in my post you claim you addressed. Was it your lie about being banned? Was it the idiocy of you and your .nu friend getting all pissy in the first place over something that you have absolutely no right to cry and whine about? Was it the fact that none of you have come up with anything more than the fact that there are two (I'll bet there are a lot more) moxies? Could it be the part where you actively solicited people to troll Lee's site, meanwhile disallowing comments on your own (just like your little .nu friend)?

Please...enlighten me.