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a little something for everyone

I realized that I have a fairly large gay male readership who may not be interested in boobies, and would not be swayed to contribute toward my goal of an Andrew Sullivan-ish $80,000 just to see some titties that would do nothing for them. And for those of you wondering where mine are, you'll just have to do a little scavenger hunt.

So, for both my gay male readers and my straight female readers (though most of the latter seem to like boobs, anyhow), I give you tonights gift of two cabana boys to dream about.

cabboy1.jpg cabboy2.jpg
Both images from Cabanaboyrum.com

Let's call them Jake and Jack. Which one would you like to nuzzle with?

Oh fine, here's something for the rest of you. And me.



That picture is the reason they should make a 'The Professional: Part Two', with lots of running and jumping and clothes exploding off.

I mean the Natalie Portman one.

I would have to say Jake is more interesting than Jack, but really, neither one of these guys is as cute as that little cartoon pic of chipstah! at his blog.

(Don't tell him I said so.)

Neither one does anything for me. I like 'em over thirty, rough and hairy. I'm not into little surfer boys at all.

Bring on the aged beef! Especially the ones with the lovely treasure trail...

My two best gay boyfriends LOVE my boobies.....and love to feel my ass when I'm wearing a thong........what gives?

That Portman chick is too skinny, no boobs at all to speak of.

Hell, I'm hetero, and the two guys are more attractive than she is.

I'd rather see a pic of you than of Portman, michele,

Speaking as someone who had to 'in' himself to his own mother (now that was a weird conversation), I don't get it...

Do people really go for the plastic dumb bicep monkey look?


Now, Johnny Depp I could understand. James Dean, there's a certain mysterious sex appeal there. Brad Pitt, even a kinda deranged mysticism lurking. But, shit, baby oil and over-defined figure lines? Buy a fuckin' legoman and be done with it, dude...

I'm so fucking out here. Whoa...

As a gay man who can appreciate plain beauty, I bow down to your fine choices. As for snuggling, I'll take Jack, thanks.

I'm hoping that I still like seeing jigglin' boobies, since I sitll have to take my freind to see his first (and female) strippers sometime this month.

None of them do anything for me.

Give me manly hockey players with a few scars and bruises. Teeth optional--you can always buy those!

Or Laetitia Casta.

Or both!

No Cabana Boyz for me, thanks.

As a Straight man I would have preferred a pic of Sean Connery. The man secretes sexuality. If I had to have relations with one man (gun to head) it would be Sir Sean. Oily muscle studs do nothing for me.....Portman....flat,,,,Connery would be prime.

Natalie Portman... meh.

Give me Milla Jovovich.

[wolf whistle and copious thumping of large hairy foot on floor while heart beats three feet feet out of chest]

Jake and Jack look like they'd chip if you dropped them. But mmmmmmmNatalie! And didn't baby look foine with that white space jumpsuit with the midriff torn away?

Speaking of confusing identities, Keith (of the Morris variety) prefers the picture of Natalie Portman.

Also, I took that little scavenger hunt of yours, and managed to dig up a few dead images located in your July 2002 archives.

The captions around those dead images tease me! But, I suppose Portman wins you a few extra points.

Is the only picture of your boobs the one in the October archives or shall I continue on with the hunt?

Aimee Deep

The sexiest blogger on the web is breathtaking to see and her picture is free.

More cabana boys, please. And I'll take them both. At the same time. Trust me: they'll be tired before I'll be. :))

Cabana boys?! Bony Natalie?! Michele, if you're going to throw us a bone -- so to speak -- let's get serious.