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self lovin' in the archives

It came to me that if I am going to link to other people's posts on a daily basis, there is no reason I can't engage in a little self-linkage.

Sometimes I spend a lot of time on a post, especially if it's a story and then I post a million other things and my story gets lost in the scroll zone.

So, I posted a decent (I think) story this morning, part of my Tales of my Wasted Youth genre.

And then I got to thinking, hey why not put all those tales in one place? So I am.

[I stopped halfway through doing this. I realized I have a whole year's worth of posts that aren't even in my archives. I have journal entries no longer online that I need to go through. And I'm doing this more for me, than for you, in my preparations for possibly making a book of all this stuff and also because my PMS "organize everything" mode has kicked in. I do not expect you to read all of them, especially if you already have.]

How I Brought Down Leo Sayer
Pinball Wizard
Red, Red Wine
Here's How to Order
Catholic Guilt - The Easter Version
The Embarassing Music of your Life
Blood, Guts and Driver's Ed
Skeletons in my Closet
Sucky Summer Jobs, #22 in a Series
Family of Fools
Hitler's Weenie
A Bird Named Keith
When I Grow Up


Why don't you just put them in a list over on the right side of the site? A tltle like You Must Read This (an like it). Then they never go out of site

Boy, it's way past my bed time. Lets play find the typos in previous comment.