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it's a linkorama

I've got another backlog of stuff to link to. Enjoy.

L.T. Smash has a great OpEd on Command Post today: Living With America.

Today is the first day of the Biggest Losers in the Blogosphere. Although I forgot to send my stats in, I am playing along. I hope to lose 25 lbs by the end date.

Bryan's Lyric-a-Day is a rollin' with a fine first song courtesty of Fred. Note to Fred, we are breaking out the 'scopes this week.

Dean declared a jihad on BlogSpot and it's working. He got 18 bloggers to move off of that dreaded blight on mankind. Dean, I may need some help setting up Dr. Frank over here.

Speaking of which, by the end of this week, Dr. Frank will no longer be a Blogspot victim. Any day now, he will be tucked in safely with me.

Matt at Blogmosis is hosting this weeks Carnival. Get your submissions in before he publicly flogs you.

Deb of Insomnoniac informs me that her friend Diane is writing a book on mother-in-laws:

We're looking for stories where your MIL drives you a little crazy, aggravates/annoys you a bit (nothing mean). The book pokes fun and lends support to others suffering from "the mother-in-law syndrome."

We use pseudonyms to protect the guilty. In you're interested, PLEASE iNCLUDE YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION (name & address) with any submissions so that we can send you a release allowing us to use your story.

All contact information will be held in the strictest confidence. Send your stories to mildew@mymildew.com. Thank you!

Happy Belated Venemous Birthday to Kate, who received a very special gift that I can only hope for some day.

If you have anything to add, feel free to drop a link in the comments.


Good luck to you from a fellow loser! :-D


It's not too late to sign up! :)

Thank you for getting Dr. Frank off Blogspot.

Any time he wants to say the word, I'll have him in his own domain. Although with his traffic he'll probably need $10/month and not just $5.

You know, I got on the loses thing. Bad influence, you.

Yay! Dr. Frank will not require reloading each and every single freaking time I try to visit him.

But Michele, you don't need to lose weight!

Well, nobody else said it. And I said it without looking, which proves I'm good at this ;)