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monday moonbat morford musings

Mark Morford, moonbat supreme, wonders why Muslim countries hate or mistrust Bush, as show in recent polls. He wonders why polls in France and Germany show Bush having about as many fans as smallpox.

Let me explain this to you slowly, Mark. It's not that these nations are more astute than others. It's not that they know something we don't or they are just so well-rounded on their scholarly views on world news that they are qualified to determine these poll results without prejudice or tainted views of the news. No, it's because they fear Bush. And with good reason.

"Dislike of the United States has really deepened and spread throughout the Muslim world," said Andrew Kohut, director of the Pew Research Center that oversaw polling.

It's not hard to figure out why. The participants in the Religion of Peace(tm) have come a long way in showing just how much they hate anyone who does not subscribe to their religion and culture. And those who don't take their Muslim religion to the extremes that a large portion of their brethen do have done little to stand up and denounce everything that is done in the name of Allah.

Every day, some radical Muslim group claims responsibility for an attack, a bombing, a threat. We have all but declared war on these heartless, soulless bastards. Of course they hate us. Of course they fear us. As well they should.

From the article Morford cites:

...majorities in seven of the eight predominantly Muslim countries surveyed said they think their nation will be attacked by the United States. In Indonesia, Nigeria and Pakistan, more than 70 percent of those questioned had this concern.

Well, how about a big old DUH!, Mark? Do you really think the people of Indonesia, Nigeria and Pakistan are getting unadulterated, uncensored, whole truth news, unfiltered with lies and propaganda? Sure, if I lived in a country where I was told every day that Bush hates us and will probably attack us, and if I had no other outlet for news besides the lies and suggestions that are thrown at me every day, then I would hate Bush as well.

Tainted polls is what they are. But I don't expect Morford to understand such a concept. When you write like you are in kindergarten, you must think along that level also.

Hey, I wonder who chaired that poll? Oh look, it's said former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright. Charmed, I'm sure.

Back to Morford:

Seems no one can trust us as far as we can throw them over. Seems the vast majority of those polled think we're violent and dangerous and roguish and heartless and dishonest, so much so that a great many Muslim (read: gul-dang furriner evildoer) nations -- not to mention the Palestinians -- actually have a higher level of trust and respect for Osama bin Laden than our fair Shrub.

Morford really isn't the sharpest pencil in the box, eh? Let's spell this out very carefully for Markie, because, unlike the rest of the class, he can't seem to keep up with the lesson.

The Palestinians and most Muslim nations trust and respect bin Laden because they are just like him. They want to eradicate anyone who is not a Muslim. They want the world to convert to their religion. They want the United States to cease to exist, and that is not something new, it is not something only this administration has been subject to. See, it's not that they hate Bush, Markie. It's that they love and honor terrorism and suicide bombers hell bent on destruction and 72 virgins.

What I fear is people like Morford, who think we should just leave well enough alone and let the other countries in the world run their own affairs, untouched by U.S. hands. Markie Mark doesn't see that the end result of that will be annihilation for many countries. He doesn't see that letting sleeping dogs lie will only make those dogs stronger and bigger and that, eventually, they would leash upon us an act so hideous it would make 9/11 look like a garbage can fire.

Like a typical moonbat leftie, Mark doesn't care that other, smaller countries would be forced to subjugate to the Muslim factions that will become all too powerful if left alone to do their own thing. Mark only cares about his agenda, which is to make sure that Bush is hated the world over, to gloat about tainted polls and to say "I told you so," when WMDs are not yet found in Iraq.

Nevermind the freed people. Nevermind the freedoms popping up all over the place, like a myriad of newspapers and internet cafes and clothing choices and...life.

Oh, forget it. Morford will never get it, not until he puts his tinfoil hat on, enabling him to keep out the conspiracy theory lasers that the rest of the moonbat alliance is sending him.

I hereforeto promise to never, ever read one of Morford's columns again.


It is not that Islamisicts hate Bush; they would hate any president. They hated Clinton. Remember the Cole? Khobar towers? Osama planned the WTC attacks while Clinton was in office! They trained for the attacks while Clinton was in office! Moford is an idiot if he thinks Presidents Bush's response to the WTC attack is the reasson they attacked the WTC. Well, of course he is... and a vast number of the socialst left is just as dumb.

Two small areas of concern, found on page 29 of the report (I'd rather use the source material than a columnist's summary of thematerial).

If the host's analysis were spot on, then predominantly Muslim countries should have always hated us, regardless of the developments in the war on terror or the war in Iraq.

Turkey's favorable impression of us has gone from 52% (2000) to 30% (Summer 2002) to 15% currently. To my knowledge, Turkey is our ally, staging ground for Iraq notwithstanding, and is a not a radical Muslim state.

Indonesia's favorable impression of us has gone from 75% to 60% to 15%. To my knowledge, this nation of 200 million is our ally, and is not a radical Muslim state.

I think there is a deeper level of foreign analysis concerning these trends-- specifically: insofar as these two countries are democracies, what do the attitudes of the street hold for their government's and their region's stability if the street starts voting on their hopefully temporary dislike of America?

It's funny the folks who keep asking "why do they hate us?" would never advise a black person to ask "why does the KKK hate us?"


They are narrow minded biggots who hold unreasonable hatred for an entire group of people (i.e. Westerners) based solely upon their national origin. Of course, this requires one to recognize that biggots don't have to be white males and that it's OK to define a group containing people of all colors and religions joined together based upon their common nation and culture (woa! guess that's what "melting pot" means, eh wot?)

- Dave

Please keep reading Morford. I wish I could rebut his inane columns the way you can. I sent him some email rebutals, he called me childish.

Bite your tongue, Michele. Please don't stop reading his columns... because your dissection of them is what is the most enjoyable. :)

In my case, Michele's dissection is the thing that makes his stuff understandable.

Pardon, previous comment phrased inadequately... do not interpret as agreeing with Morford. Means it makes it possible for me to understand what the hell he's talking about, in a clearer, more relevant way.
That is all. Continue.

Turkey's favorable impression of us has gone from 52% (2000) to 30% (Summer 2002) to 15% currently. To my knowledge, Turkey is our ally, staging ground for Iraq notwithstanding, and is a not a radical Muslim state.
The Turks elected a radical Islamist group, the Justice and Development Party, to head parliament one year after 9/11.

Since then, Turkey has become increasingly radicalized, and Prime Minister Erdogan, long an admirer of sharia law, is supposedly paving the way for its implementation ever since willing the election last March.

WINNING the election last March. Jeez...

Tatter: I don't know how radical they can get when the Administration can get on the blinking red Wolfowitz-phone and have the Turkish military shut them down.

In any event, the aforementioned party got 33.5% of the vote in an election where 80% of the populace vote. 85% of the country does not view us favorably, up from 48% three years ago.

However, even laboring under the dubious assumption that one-third of the Turkish are radical Muslims, it still begs the question: what happened to the non-radical ones?

You've got to hand it to the folks at the Chron--they sure are nice. I mean, here they find this obviously crazy man, Moford. He's so delusional that he thinks he's a newspaper columnist with real, grown-up opinions and everything. How sad! Well, the good folks at the Chron, their heartstrings pulled by this tragedy, decide not only to publish his poo-streaked crayon scribblings, but to pay him for them as well!
Progressive charity at its finest.

It's true that there are some very problematic elements in Islam that are in severe conflict with the modern world. However, I think it's a good idea to attempt to find some historical perspective on the situation. Not all that long ago, the Catholic Church was operating as a terrorist institution. Thousands upon thousands of people were tortured and killed because they somehow displeased the Church. Merely suggesting publicly that tolerance was a good thing would probably get you drawn and quartered.

Obviously, the Catholic Church has become more enlightened in recent years. They do preach that condoms are evil, but they no longer attempt to kill those who disagree with them.

The religion of Islam is no more inherently evil than Catholicism. Religion, as with most things in this world, is really what you make of it. Right now, Islam is controlled to a significant degree by its zealots. That doesn't mean that it can't or won't eventually find its way into the modern, civilized world.

The best thing we can do to hasten that transformation is help foster economic development in the Arab world. We should encourage democracy whenever possible, but building the economy is of paramount importance. Why? Simply because you have far less incentive to attack someone with whom you're engaging in mutually beneficial trade, even if you don't care so much for their politics. Trade brings disagreements into the realm of civilization.

I'm no pacifist - when we're attacked, it's appropriate and necesary that we respond with great force. However, if we attempt to solve our problems with the Arab world ONLY through use of force, we could end up making the world a very unpleasant place to live...

Why are they not asking, "Why do Americans despise our murderous ways and hate-filled rhetoric so?," and "Golly, what can we do to avoid arousing the American street?"

The Left's focus seems to be on placating any foul nut-job, believing that they have needs and concerns before which America must prostrate itself. We know WHY they hate us. In the words of Peter O'Toole (Playing T.E. Lauwrence), "They are a little people: greedy, barbarous, and cruel."

After all, the Nazis in WWII hated us, too. A lot of navel-gazing and introspection would have been counter-productive then, as well.


"trade brings disagreements into the realm of civilization"

We have been trading with Saudi Arabia for over 60 years. The 9/11 terrorists from Saudi Arabia didn't care about no stinking trade.
The great wars of the 20th century were fought between formerly civilized trading partners.

The situation with Turkey is complicated by the fact that it wants to join the EU. However, so far it has been refused entry on the grounds of its highly dubious human rights record (amongst other things) and the introduction of sharia law would almost certainly rule that out for good.

Politically and economically, Turkey seems to be trying to align itself more with the west than the middle east, but to do that successfully requires guarantees of democracy, the rule of law and human rights and a functioning market economy - all things which are somewhat incompatible with more radical Islamic elements.

>Nevermind the freed people. Nevermind the freedoms popping up all over the place, like a myriad of newspapers and internet cafes and clothing choices and...life.

Great! So we'll be moving into Congo and Nigeria real soon now?

Actually, could you be more specific about the freedoms? I mean, I know Saddam won't be able to order mass killings, and yes - that is a good thing. But I haven't seen any information indicating that either Afganistan or Iraq is re-writing their constitution to guarantee equal rights for women (as Japan did after WW11), or any other freedom-related improvements.