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If you don't see me for a while, it's because I'll be spending 50.5 years in some dank English prison.

via Tim Blair


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Hah. Only 27 years for me. See you in gaol! :)

I am so lame. I only got 6 years. I better get busy spicing up my life - eh?

Damn! I need to get out there and start living! I only get to spend 0.5 years in prison and a mere 2000 (Pound) fine.

I'll just start hanging around you...maybe I'll actually graduate to a full year!

Wow, I'll be back in 102 years and 9500 pounds lighter in the wallet.

I got 29 years. I think it was the naked mannequin thing that did it.

I'd be in for 27 years, but dead several times first... Including decapitation...

6 months and no fine. I am so f**king boring.

BTW, for any females reading this, I think the 6 months was for "yes" on oral sex. NOT THAT I'M TRYING TO HINT AT ANYTHING, I'M WAY TOO SUBTLE FOR THAT

Whew! At least Different Bill fared worse than my own 83 years and £7500.

Geez, I guess I'd better loosen up a bit. At a mere 6 years in prison and a potential fine: 7000 - I'm obviously one of the under achievers around here! ;-)

Phht... 111 years and 7000. What do I win?

Of course most of that was from my days of juvenile delinquency. If I went back and took the statute of limitations into account, I'd probably only have speeding tickets to worry about. (Oh, and that oral sex thing too.)

On the other hand, my current community outlaws handgun ownership among other things, so I wonder what laws I might be breaking just by moving to this liberal paradise.