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LL Cool DJ

Yea, yea. You all want to see the bride. Or me making a fool of myself on the dance floor.

The life of the party was not I, was not any of my drunken relatives. It was DJ. I have no idea where he learned to get his groove on like that, but he chewed up the scenery on that dance floor like he was Lil' Johnny Travolta.


You know how he roll.

He is so cute. He ceratinly can cut it up...lol

D.J. rocks!

How cute! He's either gonna end up breaking all the ladies' hearts... or breaking all the men's hearts.

Ahem. When he grows up, of course.

Aw yeah.

*rapping * He's the kung-fu master meets the sumo wrestler / Got the beats on Long Island you can hear in Westchester;

What did you expect from a kid named DJ anyway? You just had to know he would have some moves!

DJ makes the money, see,
DJ gets the honeys, she,...