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who is that girl?

Ok, one picture for now.

This is my daughter. You know, Natalie. The one who wears baggy jeans and sweatshirts everyday, the one who always looks like she just woke up, the one who slouches, pouts and drags her feet when she walks.

She looked like a princess last night. Everyone was commenting to me how old she looked, how beautiful she is.

I can't wait for her to get back into her baggy pants and sweatshirt today. I'm not ready for my daughter to seem so old and...mature.

[click for biggie size photo]


Life marches forward...damned if it don't, and there's sod all we can do about it, either!

She is beautiful.. and I know exactly what you mean about not being ready for her to seem so old and mature. My son just recently asked if he could call me mom instead of mommy. ugh, it broke my heart. Watching them grow truly is bittersweet.

beautiful (and the pose is priceless)

Excellent pic, Michele. She's lovely.

what a great shot! she is beautiful!!

You're scarin' me. My daughter is only six, but I can see her moving toward something like this more and more each day.

Oy vey.

Wow, how very elegant she looks!

She's become breathtakingly lovely.

What a doll!

Just beautiful!

The same thing happened to us a couple of years ago. My 11 year-old was bridesmaid at her aunt's wedding. She looked like she was 18 (and a very pretty 18).

She is absolutely beautiful. You're going to have to lock 'er up 'til she hits 18.

uh oh.