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Never trust a tequila named Montezuma.

There is nothing else to learn after that.

I'm going to put up pictures and stories on another portion of this site for anyone who in interested. As soon as I can focus, that is.

Thanks to everyone who sent good wishes. It rained like hell, but the wedding ceremony and party were fabulous.

Now, I've got a backlog of blogging to tend to and a bottle of Excedrin to eat.


Glad it went well. Even if its pouring its really the couple and the people thare that make or break it.

Ahh tequila. Best of friends. Worst of enemies. And yet, I'm always willing to give it a go. Slainte!

Tequila should never be trusted. One should approach tequila only with a chaperone who is instructed to dissolve the temporary union upon the likely event of your underwear being shed.

Hmmm ... for me, it was 21st Birthday Prarie Fires ... tequilia with 21 shots of tobasco sauce. After crawling in the door ... well, I won't tortue with the details ... not in your condition. That said, congrats to all.