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promises to keep

I'm finally getting around to linking to all the things I promised people I would link to and/or blog about.

First up is Bryan's Lyric-A-Day contest.

My choice for today is Kilgore's Providence.

Download here. I suggest listening to it, it's a great song.

Lyrics below.

Stop embracing all yesterdays for in the end
Creatures of habit dwell there
When you turn around to face your fate
All those regrets black the path before you
Weighed down by your neglect
And you'll drown in your own evil
It can never be the same
You must embrace the change
Stop laboring for a single goal
You can't depend on what the
future holds for you
Not physically where you are on your journey
It's only what you make of it
The fruits of emphasis on tomorrow
Yield a life filled with much sorrow
It doesn't mean you'll star the same
You cannot force the change
If you seek the wild horses
Bound for uncharted courses
You would never grab the reins
For a chance to learn from your mistakes
Stand up and deliver yourself
From all that you know
All you know...


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