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"it is believed that the babies were buried alive"

You know that mass grave of 200 children found in Iraq the other day? I wonder if you heard the full story.

From Command-Post (via Meryl)

"Citizens were discovered on May 30, 2003, in a communal grave close to Debs, in Kirkuk. However, this mass grave was different from other mass graves discovered since the fall of Saddam Husseinís terrorist regime since it contained the remains of 200 babies, victims of the repression of the Kurdish uprising in 1991," Al-Taakhi noted. "Even the dolls were buried with the children," it added.

It is believed that the babies were buried alive. It was also reported in the local media that an adult female person had also been found in the mass grave. It was suggested that she could have been their minder.

Read that again.

It is believed that the babies were buried alive.

So, who's still angry that we went to war with Iraq and its despicable regime?

I don't care if they never find a WoMD within the confines of that country. This is evidence enough that Saddam was the biggest Weapon of Mass Destruction of all.

How can people keep griping about this war? What matters more to you, proving that Bush misled the American people or freeing the Iraqi people from more instances like the above?

It is believed that the babies were buried alive.

I bet if it were ancient urns and scrolls found in that grave, there would be an uproar from moonbat land. But hey, it's just kids. And we all know that the moonbats value artifacts over kids.

This was a just war. You will never convince me otherwise.


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Everyone knows artifacts are valuable, michele. To the moonbats, human life is cheap. Why else would they always be proposing the most pathetically ineffective method to solve problems, or supporting political leaders who kill the most people?

Now now now... how can we rule out that these babies and kids wren't buried alive but were merely kids tunneling out of their children's prison and got caught in a tunnel collapse?

I'm really starting to like that term. I need a "no moonbats" graphic for my website. I wish I had photoshop at work.

I've come to believe that the true moonbats consider everyone else as fodder.Their own self-loathing doesn't allow for respect of anything decent.

Not proving that Bush misled America, spreading the lie that he did. Lying is all those people have left. They don't care about a pit with 200 Wog babies in it. But they'd be howling their heads off if they thought there was some way to pin it on W.

The world certainly is a better place with Saddam removed from power (though it would be far better still if he were dead). It's amazing how the political landscape has shifted - in decades past, liberals supported the ousting of corrupt and brutal dictators while conservatives endorsed the pragmatism of propping up just about anyone who was friendly to the U.S. These days, conservatives are hopping to go rout repressive regimes all over the world, while liberals fret that folks getting killed in war is somehow worse than getting killed by a dictator, and that American blood should not be shed to oust any dictator who hasn't directly attacked our country.

Anyone who thinks that Iraq isn't better off without Saddam is likely not living in Iraq. However, before conservatives start feeling too cocky they would do well to remember that not very long ago, they were spewing bitter invective at our then Commander-In-Chief for having allowed Americans to be killed attempting to mitigate violent oppression in Somalia. At that time, many of the same conservatives who now cheer the Iraq operation sneeringly dismissed any attempts at "nation building" as a hopeless farce.

Remember too that there are a number of terrible, bloody regimes in the world that (for a variety of political and practical reasons) we will not interdict in the foreseeable future. The people living in those countries deserve liberation just as much as the Iraqis did, but it won't be coming their way any time soon...

The moonbats will just assume that the report is a lie planted by the Bush administration.

It is true that most news sources in the Middle East are biased and completely dishonest.

On the other hand, Saddam really didn't care at all for the lives of his people, let alone the lives of the Kurdish population. I can easily imagine him having orphanages slaughtered because their exstance is an embarrasment.

The moonbats are too busy assuming that everyone in the world is good except for American right wingers to grok this.

Remind me again, what's so special about people?

I mean, there are, like, billions of them...

If they were baseball cards, we'dve swapped at least a million of them for giant pandas or emus by now.

Cow, if I can take your attitude literally, then, ironically, you sound like just the sort of person I'd be happy to swap for a giant panda.

Are you volunteering?

Will it be a cute panda?

With a wet nose?

No, Crimson, it will be "Bill the Panda" (think Bill the Cat), mangy, flea ridden and coughing up bamboo balls (I just had to take the analogy too far).

It would be SOOOO cool if someone with more artistic talent than I could come up with a "Bill the Panda" picture and post it!

You're forgetting that these are the exact same people who think the world is way over populated so any person who dies (as long as it's not in war) is a good thing because it's decreasing the surplus population.

Think someone needs to read A Christmas Carol again.

Ack. plbbththth.

Ahh, Mark managed to post before I could remember Bill's coughing sound effects.

Oh yeah, I know the one...

Mangy and flea ridden, yeah? Homeless, due to human-led deforestation? Hunted, due to human greed? A little hotter, due to that big ol' hole in the ozone layer? Hungry, due to a certain species fucking up the food chain?

Oh yeah, and I forgot, surrounded by wasteland due to the constant bombing caused by humans acting to bolster their own feelings of self-importance at the expense of others.

Yup, that's one mangy panda. But, by all means, photoshop at will. Although, if you wanna save time, there are literally hundreds of pictures lying around on animal protection charity websites.

Better still, make a donation, and improve my view of humanity a little. That'd be SOOOOO cool...

Maybe it's coughing because humans forced it to injest test chemicals for a new brand of shampoo, huh?

Still, what's more important than manageable, shiny hair?

I just took a look at Crimson Cow's weblog.

If you wonder what Crimson's actual opinion on the war is, I think it can be summed up in this diatribe about the dangers of rightiousness:
I had a housemate in college who was staunchly religious. He was undoubtedly intelligent, but sucked royally at debate, because he was unable to separate his moral self-righteousness from his arguing technique. Thus, every whim was dressed up as God's Will, and, therefore, every word was dishonest. Because, hiding behind God, and hiding behind Freedom, are much the same as hiding behind a dictator, or an Evil Tyrant. Both relieve a mob from the responsibility of self-analysis, and transfer the blame by creating a moral framework whereby every action is justified to achieve the end.

This is the most worrying thing for me about the war. I'm not saying that Saddam isn't a terrifying ruler to envisage in charge of the lives of his citizens. I'm not saying that the US is totally selfish in its motives for war.

I'm merely stating that the US, in co-opting such grandiose rhetoric to their cause, is opening a dangerous pandora's box. For the army that believes it marches for the cause of freedom and righteousness is capable of the most heroic acts...but at the same time, can justify the most inhuman abuses.

Man does not need much encouragement to follow his basest impulses. He doesn't need proof that these impulses are right (damn, he knows THAT already), he just needs to be told that he can get away with it. And, y'know what? In the game of life, morality is immunity, bubba.

Beware words such as Right or Wrong. For the butcher may still wear the colours of the just.

Uhm, right cow, people can be frightening in their shallowness and willingness to fight... Yet its never that simple. Sometimes masses of people do seem intelligent; sometime people do have empathy. Sometimes people do distinguish between justice and injustice.

And most important of all, there's a real world out there where horrible things are happening and when we can improve a terrible situation, our action can drastically reduce the suffer in the world.

And as much as you may loath the rest of us, we DO have the right to protect our selves, our families, our communities and even our country. We don't give a shit whether you like that fact or not.

There was a problem with the italics in my quotes. everything up to "Uhm right Cow" should be in italics.

]And once again people beat me to posting. Cow posted twice while I was writing my post.

You've been watching the grown-up news again, haven't you?

Hehe. Have a lollipop...

Cow I agree with you about the tragedy of how people abuse other species and their habitats (fancy word for their homes)...

I do value human beings, none the less. I actually LIKE humans. I like what humans CAN be and what a few humans manage to be. In fact I value us somewhat more than other species.

I think it's unrealistic to expect a species of omnivors like us to care too much about the lives of animals. Some will, but it's a bit at odds with our nature.

Anyway I'd rather focus on getting humans to treat each other well before dotting the 'i's and crossing the 't's of getting humans to care about the lives of the rest of the species.

"You've been watching the grown-up news again, haven't you?"

Ok I got it, you're just another obnoxious internet troll. Where do all these damn trolls come from?


Sorry about that last comment. I couldn't resist trying to wind you up...

First up, thankyou for visiting the site.

Of course, I have to remind you to read carefully. The point made there related to the fact that certain folk in high places were starting to believe their own hype, and, once you get caught up in something, common sense and morality kinda take a backseat.

The butcher may still wear the colours of the just? Hehe...maybe you're right. That sort of thing just doesn't happen in the real world...


Not that it matters but I'm unawarw of anybody using Pandas in lab tests.

Our soldiers (all the way to the top) will be investigated and punished for human rights abuses.

In Saddam's regime, torture and rape were 100% public policy - not secrets but the tool of public terror.

Americans have no right to exist and act if we're not perfect, even when we're much better than all alternatives?

Let's talk a moment about the Canadian army. Canadians are known to be some of the most civilized people on earth right?

Do you remember how the Canadians left Somolia? Some racist Canadian soldiers had gotten together to torture "niggers".

Yep Canadians aren't perfect. But would you claim that the Canadian government is equivalent to the Baathist regime?

"Better half a loaf than none" dude.

Much as I agree with your sentiments about the potential of humanity, and indeed the logistical difficulties in getting them to accept their lack of superiority over other species, the fact does remain that we're not really as superior as we hope we are...

Our society, from our religions to our accepted thinking, is set up to encourage this belief. And, sure, we can pat ourselves on the back for some amazing achievements. But the prevalent thinking seems to lean towards the belief that, given a choice, a human life automatically takes precedence over any other possible entity, and that's dangerous.

Now, I love CDs and films. I could quite happily build up a collection of millions, given the chance. But if, everytime I was to earn 10 dollars, I spent it all on CDs, I'd die of starvation pretty quick. I prefer music to food any day, but the fact remains that I need food occasionally. It's all a question of balance.

The power we have grabbed for ourselves has kinda left us with a responsibility we didn't have in the days when, say, we could just as easily get ourselves eaten by a mammoth before breakfast as club a tiger to death for dinner. The imbalance we have created forces this responsibility on us, so that, although it's not in our natures, we kinda have to observe the fact that the 'them and us' way of thinking just ain't gonna fly anymore.

It's tough, but, hey, what else are we using our over-developed intellects for anyway? Survivor phone-voting?

And I don't see this as a debate on the respective merits of nationality. But I've put in my two cents worth on that subject frequently on my trolling visits to this site, so I won't bore you with those...

Huh...they don't do lab tests on pandas? I'm gonna write to Tesco's. I got totally ripped off when I paid that extra £3 for 'panda tested' loo roll...

Peter: I'd like to think that Pandas are too cute to use in lab tests. Like bunnies.

See Cow was right about me after all.

Actually Pandas can be big bears. While they move slowly most of the time, if you get one angry, he can rip you up. We don't tend to do lab experiments on animal that can fight back.

That's why KFC bred those chickens without beaks or legs...

Cos those things can be fuckers to get hold of when you're trying to flame-grill them. I mean...the scratches I ended up with...holy crap, dude...

Crimson just like you and your CD's I like posting on weblogs more than I like getting my work done but I'd better do it.

Besides I'm getting hungry so I'm going to be all omniverous at a bowl of thai chili eggplant with tofu.

I say we save the poor, innocent creatures and restrict our lab-testing to Dallas Cowboys fans.

Any votes?

Crimson, are you making fun of yourself? You gotta post a link at least if you're going to claim that they're cutting the beaks and leg or genetically manipulating chickens to not have legs or beaks.

I could almost believe cutting the beaks off. But anything more would risk more public ire than any company would dare.

I don't buy it.

Nah, that was one of those urban legend things...

Y'know, there's at least one attached to every fast food chain...

Apparently they were genetically raising chickens without the 'inedible' bits for KFC patron consumption, and that was why they were forced to abbreviate their name so as not to include the word 'chicken'.

If that was true, I'dve loved to see one of those.

There's a link here tho...

It's "The Matrix" For Chickens!!!

That would also be a cool art project. A drawing of the fields of featherless Matrix jacked-in chickens in their goo pods.

Take the blue grain, and you'll remember none of this...


This will get lost in the many comments I'm sure, but isn't that right around the time Rumsfeld was photographed shaiknig hands with Saddam?

And you know what the worst thing about this story is? Even if all of the children were killed before they were buried, that's still 200 children who were murdered.

Because they were Kurdish children.

Because Saddam Hussein is a fucking psychopath, and his people were too weak to do anything about him.

And the world, and we, were complicit.

Whispers of Malign Dictator.

I'm annoyed that we went to war under the lies that Bush told to get us there. However, I strongly agree that it was a just war in the sense that Saddam needed to go. I'm still pissed that we didn't take him out in 1991. The first Gulf War ruined my marriage, caused me years of stress and depression, and ... Saddam should have been GONE in 1991 when this happened.

I will be annoyed IF it turns out Bush lied to get us there. It's entirely too early to make that call.

Kentucky Fried Chicken changed their name to KFC because they didn't want to emphasize the FRIED part, not because they don't use chickens. The machinations the moon bats go thru is stunning. Absolutely stunning.

While KFC might not be genetically "enhancing" chickens, poultry growers do routinely cut the beaks off of their birds. It's such a common practice, I'm surprised there's anyone who hasn't heard of it. Google up "debeaking," and you'll find zillions of links, pro- and con.

Bush hasn't lied to us. I don't understand why anyone wants to believe Saddam didn't have WMD. The UN says he did, he had them in 91 and they put sanctions on him until he proved he destroyed them. Shit, CLINTON and his entire cabinet talked about it.

Of course, Saddam himself never existed. Bush must have lied to us because he said he was there, now, after the war we can't find him. Must mean he didn't exist.

Children. Fuckin' a. You can bitch and moan all you want about how oppresive America is, but we're not burying fucking children like this.

You are all really quite seriously ill. If you want to get a focus on the world and understand how you are seen in the world, come and pay a visit to Europe - if you are not too scared for your precious personal security.
Most Europeans tend to think the whole of the United States should be declared a mental asylum. If you ask the Arabs about it, I am sure you will find that it is almost all.
Come and pay us a visit to learn a little why we think that you are all murderers and accomplices and lets hope that there is enough time left for you to do penitience.

It was that chicken comment, wasn't it?

Sorry 'bout that....

European Coward--

Or, you could come here, and get a focus on America and understand how you are seen here,

However...given the fact that you're an anonymous moral weakling without the courage of your meager convictions, I doubt you'll visit.

That doesn't mean you're ill, though...just that you're a cretinous, simpering dog.

OK, first of all, about the damn chickens.

A) It's an urban legand
B) Cow admitted it was an urban legand
C) If you want your chicken to be clean and pure as the freshly fallen snow, go to your local butcher shop and support the local small-scale farmers. Otherwise, you get what the corporations give you.
D) Why the hell are we having this conversation on a thread about murdered children?

Anonymous EUro-Peon: You want frighting? Come on over to the USA and see what we think about the EU. France is swirling the toilet, Germany's not far behind, and our closest ally is about to chain themselves to a one-ton weight and jump into the English Channel. Huge chunks of America would rather you just killed yourselves off right now and save us the trouble of hauling your asses out of the fire a third time. Because, quite honestly, the third time might just be the charm for us. We'll work with those of you who treat us decently, the rest of you could just sink. I'd go into Iraq to get rid of Saddam, but under no circumstances is yet another generation of my family going to risk their necks to save your EU asses.

On WMD: Either prove that he didn't have them (Hah. Good luck!) or prove that he disarmed. Otherwise, shut the hell up. Because when we find them, I'll be the first to dunk you head-first into them. Mmmmmm, a nice Sarin bath!

And last, a question for all you Lefties out there. Just when is a good time to remove a murderous dictator with millions of deaths to his name, and which country would you like to see the USA go into next?

Layne Staley Forever!!!!!

bush is a faget and he sucks colin powell's dick. lolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll