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they don't rain out weddings

Light blogging today, lots of wedding-related things going on. We're headed out now to pick up our dresses and we have the rehearsal dinner tonight.

Basically, I just wanted to stop in to send out a message to my sister Lisa, the bride-to-be (Saturday), who most of you know from here.



See, it says afternoon. It will be fine. Really. Besides - rain, snow, sleet or hail, you'll still be married when it's all said and done.


The day we got married, we had frog-strangling thunderstorms roar through in the morning and until about 2 PM. The rain stopped, and by 5:30 when we got married the sky was perfectly clear and everything was clean and dry...

Good luck to you!

I have heard that rain on a wedding day brings good luck!

I got married 3 weeks ago Saturday. It rained up until the ceremony, then it quit. Then it was dreary and wet for the rest of the day.

But aside from being a slight inconvenience, and a bit of an irritant (no outside pictures, something I was looking forward to) - it didn't matter. And the pictures turned out beautiful anyway.

So tell Lisa to fear not. It will be her perfect day no matter what the weather does - but I'll send good weather vibes that direction anyway:)

Y'all should bring it to Seattle Michele, We're actually going to have some sun and around 85. If you start driving now and rotate shifts,....

Rain on your wedding day is good luck. We had rain on ours! We even had a light mist start to fall during our (outdoor) vows. It actually ended up being great...it cooled things off...and N'awlins in June isn't exactly cool to begin with. ;-) Everything will be fine and I can't wait to see her dress!