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at last

Howell Raines has resigned. So has managing editor Gerald Boyd.

I shall commence playing my teeny tiny violin now.


Wow. I can't think of a better way to start my day.

Thanks, Michele.

buh bye, Howell. Being from Alabama, you might think this a sad day for the folks in that state. Not so, considering that Howell has become even more of an embarrassment then Shorty Price ever was.

I couldn't believe it took this long for Raines to step down. Besmirching the integrity of your paper is the worst thing an editor can possibly do. He presided over and materially contributed to a set of actions that seriously damaged the Times. Regardless of how good his intentions may have been, as far as I'm concerned he should have been summarily fired.

I haven't seen anyone mention it yet, but wasn't this less than a month after Pinch Sulzburger said he'd NEVER accept Raines's resignation, even if offered?

Just makes it all the sweeter...and also makes one wonder how long the rest of the family is going to let Pinch keep playing publisher.

The sad thing is, is that these clowns actually thought this issue would disappear. They expected it to go away and they could continue to run a "fraternity" paper with more interns than employees. And they are supposed to be the best.

I'm less conservative now (over the past five years of blog/blogreading) than I have ever been but this makes FoxNews look respectable (not that I give them any more weight than the NY Post, or the Christian Coalition.)