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1 + 1 is always 2

Hilary Clinton on Bill's sexcapades:

She concludes that what her husband did was morally wrong but not a betrayal of the public.


To lead astray; deceive

Bill Clinton: "I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky."

You do the math.


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Naww, that's logic, something that apparently millions of Americans are deficient in.

Even worse, it involves READING...

I don't understand what the definition of "is" is....

Is there a garbage strike in Gotham City? All this trash talk about Hilary, possibly the next president in 2008, should the U.S. still be a free country, then. The Monica Lewinsky affair involved President Clinton and is not a Hilary issue. European premiers, presidents, and prime ministers have all had the company of a mistress or two, while in office. Europeans must have laughed at the charges of sexual misconduct launched at the President of world's only superpower. It is not inconceivable, that a female would initiate sex with the leader of a country, if for nothing more than to use as gossip among her circle of friends for many years to come. Although, if you had friends like Linda Tripp, you wouldn't have needed enemies. A president may experience unsolicited sexual advances by opportunistic women on a weekly basis during periods of his term and, in a lapse, succumb. Perhaps it was Bill Clinton, instead, who pursued Monica, this we will never know with absolute certainty. Nonetheless, the Monica Lewinsky inquiry diverted the country's focus away from, and to the neglect and detriment of foreign affairs. How, Hilary gets connected to all this bad publicity, while Monica gets to host a Mr. Personality television series, will take a village to answer. But that's only one bloggee's personal opinion, on one day in June.

Clinton should have just told the truth about Lewinsky, but he didn't exactly invent the concept of lying about personal indiscretions.

Lying in general comes naturally to politicians because they have little choice. Telling the truth about any particular issue inevitably hacks off a certain subset of people. If you do it very often, or on issues that are likely to inflame a lot of people, someone else who doesn't mind fibbing will come along and take your job.

The most glaring example of this is Social Security. Democrats and Republicans alike lie through their teeth about SS every day, because telling the truth will probably get you fired.

In the end, the public gets the quality of representation that it asks for. When people stop responding to 30-second attack ads and start demanding more substance, the politicians will give them what they want. I'm not gonna hold my breath on that one, though.

Ron, the problem is that Hillary defended him and labeled the whole thing a vast right wing conspiracy. She still thinks that it isn't a big deal, and we do. It reflects on what kind of a president she would be--and that isn't a good reflection in my book.

"RON" wrote: The Monica Lewinsky affair involved President Clinton and is not a Hilary issue.

You're saying that when a married man has an affair, then it's none of his wife's concern and her reaction to or opinion of the incident doesn't matter? Sorry, d00d, but you can take that thought and shove it right where the sun don't shine. Another reason I have come to despise so-called "liberals" - I cannot stomach moral equivalencies like this -

Ron, need I remind you he lied under oath?

And I'm tying Hilary to the whole thing because she tied herself to the whole thing by writing about in her book and then declaring that her husband didn't betray the American people.

the left says 'it was all about sex'

the right says 'it was all about lying under oath'

the left says 'yes, but he lied about sex'

the right says 'yes but lying under oath is perjury'

the left says 'yes but he perjured himself about sex'

the right says 'perjury is a crime'

the left says 'it's all about sex'

and the right screams...

Channeling a hard core Democrat:

"Clinton lied about his pecker! Chimpy has lied about WMD to get his hands on the oil!!"

I have a feeling that Our Bill's defenders wouldn't be saying "it was a lie about sex" if Clarence Thomas got a little tanked at the next Supreme Court mixer and started yelling, "Yeah, I said all that stuff to Anita Hill--what'ya gonna do about it?"

What this all reinforces is simply that Bill and Hillary really ARE perfect for each other.

MikeR: you nailed it.

If Clinoton had any spine/balls/whatever, instead of lying, he should have said from the beginning: my sexual life is none of anyone's damn business, but mine and my family's, so bug off. But I seriously doubt that there is any politician alive, in both parties, that would have had the guts to say this. Lying just comes with the job.


Heh. I thought there was a meaning there that I just wasn't getting.

I'm sure it's there somewhere...

Gretchen is right. Not only are they perfect for each other, they deserve each other.

If it walks, talks, and asks for blowjobs like a duck... it is a duck.

Sure Hillary... whatever helps you sleep at night. Of course, with what that couple has left in their wake, I'm sure it won't be the remnants of her conscience pricking her...

Huh huh huh ... you said "prick."

One more guy lying about an affair isn't a threat to our country even if he's the president.

Ken Star misuing police power and creating a sexual Spanish Inquisition in the US is a threat to our country.

There are some thing we just have to decide are none of the government's God Damn business.

Shame on you for joining the penis patrol Michele

ooh he said penis

My outrage with Bill was that if he had to cheat on his wife couldn't he at least choose better...
I mean come on now. At least JFK had Marilyn Monroe. Was Monica the the best Bill could do?? Worlds most powerful man indeed.

Joshua, for the record: read my previous comment. And I definetely agree about Starr. But: lying and shaking a finger to the media and even the public at large is not the same as lying under oath. I agree that he should not have been made to testify under oath on such a ridiculous matter in the first place, but once he was there, it was a test he did not pass.

Also, it seems to me that the subject of Michelle's post was Hilary, more than it was Bill and his penis. Hilary is a legitimate object of our scrutiny, because she is said to be planning to run for president in the future, and because she did play a big role in many of her husband's decisions and actions as a president.

He-he, I said "penis".

lplimac: now it would be politically correct for me to accuse you of some ism for not liking plump jewish girls...

But the actual truth is that I think Monica's kind of hot.

Your bad taste just mean more for me, ya know?

I'd still vote for him if he could run again. I'm glad you love me anyway. ;-)

Robyn - you'd vote for him if he could run again?! Who d'sick chick now??????????

Joshua Scholar: The manHH^Hpathological liar started his pattern of broken oaths with his wedding vows to Hillary. It continued to every oath of office he has taken. And when that sick freak ordered a bombing in Bosnia in order to knock the Monica Fellatist story off the front page, putting OUR soldiers', OUR sons' and daughters' lives at risk for his personal purposes, and using OUR money to try to pull the wool over our eyes, then it becomes OUR GODDAMN BUSINESS more than Ken Starr could ever make it!

"But the actual truth is that I think Monica's kind of hot."

I second that.
AND we know she puts out. :0)

realizes fully that the debate is over but...

If the president of the US can lie under oath with impunity, it sets the precedent that the President is above the law, which could seriously weaken the judicial system... and you can fill in the blanks what happens next.

Saying that it was an innocent lie because it was about his personal life really trivializes the truth -- then again, those that don't think what he did was wrong (and I mean the lying, not fooling around with a plump jewish girl) probably don't care much for the truth anyhow.

PS: Is there any way to blame this on france? :)

"But the actual truth is that I think Monica's kind of hot."

She'd be a lot more attractive if it were not for the abundant evidence that she has the brainpower of a tree stump. To quote the immortal Xander Harris: "Smart girls are hot." :-)

From the morning of Jan. 21, 1998, soon after the press made Monica a household name, until Aug. 15, 1998, when Clinton admitted the facts of the affair to Hilary, Hilary had believed that the affair was a right wing conspiracy and her actions within that span attest to this belief. Any comments she made thereafter, were limited to tirades and personal curses at Clinton, himself, whose only friend at Martha's Vineyard, the White House, and if not in the world, was Buddy, a bi-partisan. The major evidence against Clinton at the grand jury proceedings was an unauthorized tape-recorded conversation, which is illegal in most states, inadmissible as evidence in most courts and should have been, as illegal wiretaps are in cases involving charaters portrayed by Marlon Brando and Al Pacino, throw out. From thereon, the case did not ascend any higher than the Gong Show and its progenity of today from the semen on an intern's dress should seek closure at the CDC. Americans are not naive, although, arguably pious, if that's what the country was betrayed of. The solution to infidelity is divorce, not an impeachment of the President of the United States. Somewhere along the line, the charge of perjury was tacked on to the moral ledger, although perjury is more suited for a trial of a spy like Johnny Walker Red for his 18 years of espionage, here, in the United States. The country's first introduction to Hilary, per se, was during the televised proceedings of the Health Care Reform, a program that she was the chairwoman of, where the viewers were mesmerized by her helmsmanship. Incidently, I did name my kayak, Hilary. Hello. But that's just one bloggee's personal opinion, on one day in June.

That assumes that you believe dates from one of the people who "couldn't recall anything" about - oh, anything under oath.

Since Blumenthal's book and a NY Times front-page story discredit her "recollection" of what happened, I'm not buying it.

And when that sick freak ordered a bombing in Bosnia in order to knock the Monica Fellatist story off the front page

Of course that's a serious charge, but I have no opinion on it except that I'm pretty sick of conspiracy theories like that aimed at both democrats and republicans. I could list 100 similar conspiracy theories about Regan and Bush. Remember "weapons of mass distraction?" I keep hearing that phrase on KPFA these days.