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put a cork in it, sosa!

I never liked Sammy Sosa.

And now, I like him even less.

Not only is an egotistical hot dog, he is also a cheater.

Reminds me of something we used to sing as kids.

Ink-a Dink
A bottle of ink
The cork fell out
and you STINK!

I don't know what that really meant, but I just remembered it when I heard about SAMMY SOSA USING A CORKED BAT!! (Picture me laughing while I say that out loud. Maniacally).

At least it wasn't pine tar. I don't think I could go through that again.

And I don't want to hear any of his excuses. Oh, it was really a practice bat. Whatever, Sammy.


Consider it a gift -- it happened while he was playing Tampa Bay.

Oh, no...it was a teammate's bat. He accidentally grabbed it off the rack. He just had it for kicks, whatever.

He's a filthy, worthless cheater. He deserves a week off, at least.

Why would a corked bat help in practice anyway? I guess the ball wasn't juiced, it was just that Sammy had a corked bat...but what about Bonds or Big Mac?

and why wouldn't he try to get away with it? Not only the millions of dollars in endorsements alone but just the mere fact that society on a whole places him , along with other sports greats, up on a pedastal equal if not higher at times than god. So what if he apologizes ("Sosa apologized to fans, his teammates and the commissioner of baseball")....he's only sorry because he got caught. I consider myself a sports fanatic, but this is yet one more reason why I have slowly turned from professional sports and tend to only follow NCAA, yeah of course you have your controversy there too, but for the most part, it's more about the love of the game.

Geez ... athletes doing stupid things for a supposed competitive edge. I think I've heard this song before.

I know we're talking Sosa here, but still baseball. I was just reading a letter in the N.Y. Post regarding Michael Bloomberg's tax and ticket onslaught, and this macabre thought floated into my mind.
Convoluted, but....
Isn't Bloomberg from Boston?
And isn't New York the home of the Yankees?

Sammy got caught, but I'm sure he's not alone.....

My nine year son commented that the corked bats would explain when his home tun totals increased so dramatically a few years ago.

Sosa commented that he uses a corked bat in practice "for the FANS" (a subsidiary of For the Children) because they want to see him hit them out of the park in b.p. Good Heavens, he just didn't realize he had his practice bat at the plate rather then Lil' Lightning. Of course Lou Pinella painted Sammy as a victim in saying, "You don't want to see that happen to a great player like Sammy."
Just another reason to loathe professional baseball (as if I needed any more).

Sosa is the same guy who last year said he was tired of being constantly quizzed about possible steroids use. Then a reporter suggested "You could settle this once and for all by volunteering for a drug test."

Sammy left the interview in a huff. Still no drug test. He still denies using steroids.

Aren't there a couple of Sosa's homerun
bats in the hall of fame? (google time)
mayhaps they need some X-rays

GOD, professional athletes suck! As far as I'm concerned, professional sports are worthless and an incredibly stupid use of all that money. But that's just me - I'm not saying I'd abolish them or anything...

One thing to keep in mind is that modern bats break very easily. You might get away with corking for a brief period of time, but you'd be almost certain to get caught over doing it over an extended period.

Sammy has not been hitting well since he got hit in the head earlier this year. It's possible he could be telling the truth about it being a practice bat, but it's more likely that he thought he needed an edge to help him get back on track.

This is just one incident that is demonstrative of the larger problem - Baseball needs to get on top of ALL of its cheating issues - steroids, bat modification, and anything else that threatens the integrity of the game. The owners and players are both at fault for sticking their heads in the sand and then saying "what problem, we don't see a problem."

They need to be doing stringent doping tests, x-raying bats, whatever it takes to prevent technology from destroying the game. Sosa obviously uses steroids, but so does Bonds, so did McGwire. Guys feel like they have no choice, if it's not going to be policed. Baseball needs a REAL commissioner, right now.

A lot of people show up at batting practice to see the home run hitters and possibly catch a ball hit out during batting practice. It's true that it could be a batting practice bat, but it would be naive to think Sosa got caught the only time he made that mistake.

The black bat had a big white C painted on the top of it to mark it as corked. I believe he stupidly picked up the wrong bat. He has broken hundreds of bats in games before with no cork, and he will break hundreds more without cork. He's still egotistical, but I doubt all his home runs are a result of using corked bats. They took the rest of his bats to check them and we will see if they are all corked.

You'll never solve cheating in baseball because baseball is run by baseball guys and baseball guys are DIE HARD traditionalists who cover for each other like crazy.

Dusty baker said he "Knew nothing about corked bats" Come on dude you've been in baseball for 40 years and you know NOTHING about corked bats?

But as long as baseball is run by baseball guys there will be cheating, backwards thinking and too much "conventional wisdom" in the name of tradition.

this may have been said already, i really dont know because ill admit it, im too damn lazy to read every comment but...
did anyone see the interview after the game where sammy gave us the b.s story about it being a practice bat and failed to look into the camera or the eyes of the interviewer the entire time!!
and if you ask me, his entire interview was obviously force fed into his mouth by his attorney/manager.
and i do like the title to this post. very cute.

all ya'll hatin cause Sammy Sosa has a butt!! But anywayz he did not cheat! He is still my man!!!