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psa 2

Sorry for the delay in the Church of the Blogosphere Bulletin. As soon as dinner is done, I will be at your service.

Meanwhile, it gives you an extra hour or so to drop a link in the comments if you feel like whoring yourself today.

Oh come on, you're a blogger. Of course you feel like whoring yourself.

Oh, does anyone know anything about the Cafepress publishing thingie?


Well, OK. My summer project is a weight loss contest.

The goal is to make the blogosphere smaller, one pound at a time.

Thanks for the opportunity, but I'm just a troll. I'll be under the bridge until you get back.

Sorry (mtp), my project--at least for this week--is to E N L A R G E the denizens of the Blogosphere, one pound at a time.

See: this recipoem

I sure do know about the Cafepress publishing thingie!

Why, it lets you:

Create and Sell Your Own Paperback and Comic Books

-- with all these great features!

  • Free! No setup fees or printing costs
  • Retail quality! Full color covers and...

OK, I'm not helping. My apologies.

I could always whore my "find a teetotaler blogger" post...


I have a post parody of Mike Barnicle of the Daily News. It's on Blogspot so you have to scroll down.

my blog's down, so instead i'll just pimp the dirty whore.

Well my famous "help me buy a ring fund" is moving along slowly but moving.

And we just leased a house to combine the families. Loads of fun stuff...