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I think I found the domain name I will use.

Stay with me here, my thinking goes off track sometimes.

Seeing as that this site is named after a Faith No More song and Mr. Bungle is an offshoot of FNM just as the new site will be an offshoot of A Small Victory, I thought it would be appropriate to go with a Mr. Bungle song title.

So, what do you think of retrovertigo.net?


I like it! (Of course, the fact that that's the only Mr. Bungle title I would probably recognize on a multiple-choice quiz may have something to do with it...)

I like it cause its retro!! :-)

An astute choice. One of their best songs, too.

Sounds like a keeper.

I like it. But, that doesn't matter....it's all about whether YOU like it.


I like it. It kind of rolls of your tongue.

Nice choice. :)

Love it -- perfect choice!

i still like "chicken-with-cashews.net"

It sounds cool, and that's 90% percent of picking out a name.
I'd say go for it.

Better than tomahawk :)

I like, but a minor clarification is needed.
Mr. Bungle is not an offshoot of Faith No More, in any sense. Mike Patton left Mr. B to join FNM. He would have left the band anyway, FNM or not. At any rate, he was a replacement for a singer that had been booted out of an already established, moderately successful band.

Sorry to quibble over semantics, but it's my first visit to your site. First impressions and all.

I like it, and a writing & photography blog sounds like a great idea

I likey.
But maybe bionicvaporgirl'?
Just a suggestion.

I know nothing of Mr. Bungle, and not enough about Faith no More to realize that ASV came from them (altho I saw the New Riders of the Purple Sage on their first tour w/o Jerry) and I still think it sounds cool.

Hey, I saw New Riders several times. Always with The Outlaws.