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Today is officially Whore Yourself at A Small Victory day.

I you've got something for the Church of the Blogosphere bulletin, drop it in the comments here. Bulletin goes up around noon.


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I would just like to announce that I am officially the funniest blogger, so says some people.

Anyway, my trilogy to end all trilogies (The Black Project Insano Saga) will be completed tomorrow.

Wherein I proceed to let the air out of a gas bag, Fisking Acidman, for the sport of it.

Ben Carl is back from vacation and posting at Heretical Ideas--his first post after over two weeks? A fun-filled, bile spitting diatribe against the Catholic Church.

Any limits on who can whore themselves here? I'm new at this freelance prostitution thing. :) I do guns, politics, religion, crime, economics and games.

i would just like to say
i think i am almost overwhelmingly
in an odd self-deprecating but still illuminating way
if you know what i mean
and if you don't
$#^&*(&^^$#@ and further more BLEEEP!
as to the blog whore thing...
$#@&*$@ and further more bleeeep! now give me a dollar!

This Enemy of America will be in Michigan two weeks after Dean Esmay's bash throwing the ever-rising Communist dollar around at the outlet malls until the credit card companies have me arrested.

Give me a link or alert the border guards....or both.

I thought my word conundrum was the puzzler of the day until you posted that deaf people inner narrator piece.

I'm too tired to whore myself today.

Also, I'm NEVER moving again. They can bury me in the freaking back-yard.

I'd like to offer a Quote of the day:

"Some things just need the explodo."
--Warren Ellis (no relation)

This quote comes from his "bad signal" mailing list post this morning, and I can't think of a way to link directly to that.

I think that Frank is the funniest blogger, too. I worry that he is actually a group of bloggers, working together to concentrate their funny.

Dang, I don't have anything good for the bulletin, but I like the idea a lot. :) I sure hope it happens on a regular basis...

And, I can whore myself, too:

Hey, everyone, come read my blog. There's a distinct possibility that I may be posting stories from my trip last week, more mutant tooth pictures, and (more likely) cute dog pictures. Or not... you'll never know unless you stop by!

I am starting a whore-visiting ministry. I feel the calling. Thank you, Jesus! I shall visit the site of every person who adds a comment to this thread. I'm going to start by finding out what's so funny about Frank.

Here's a quick whore imerick while I'm at it:

Two hookers named Rose and Marie
Were drowned in a whirlpool at sea
Now the other girls try
To stay shorebound and dry
For they want to avoid whirled whore three

Concentrated funny...I like the idea of that. Pack it full to the brim with funny, so that little bits of funny are bursting out of the seams and rolling under the couch.

My blog has moved, btw - I've been meaning to mention it for your blogroll but kept forgetting. Now I've remembered so I won't have to email you about it.

Nin & I are leaving for a weeks vacation starting this Friday, and Gaggle of Gals will be a Gaggle of Guys during that time! We have some great guest guy bloggers, and Paul of FIM will be subbing for me.

The guys said they'd put a hot tub in while we're away :)

I'm all for whoring myself. Attention whore, that's me.

I would like to announce that my former digs at rasberry-vinegarette.com are dead. I am now, and will be forevermore (or until further notice), Diner Bitch.

/end whoring.

Ah, too bad my whoring days are over. Well, in certain areas they are.

And nothing to whore today. Other than a big "thanks" to those who post about their experiences with their kids. It is appreciated.

Sorry I have to whore twice, but this contest sparked an idea to have a weekly cheesy morning talk show style interview with an blogger. Like the Today show segments with book authors, bloggers wil be interviewed about their submitted post and site.

It think the interview will be called "Good Morning Blogoshpere", but I'm still working on that...

Apply to be interviewed here

Y'know, I wasn't going to post anything, due to the lack of serious content on my site. But what the hell, if you want to hear my thoughts about Melrose Place, the douche-bag lead singer from Third-Eye Blind, and other such nonsense, pop on by.

I'm a'joinin' in. And I wrote one expressly for your call, named 'Blog Whoring.' Hope you like it!



Never been a whore before. Never too old to start.

For now, I'm a just a linker way down on the food chain.....