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run away, run away!

The LEIU (Law Enforcement Intelligence Unit) Conference got underway yesterday in Seattle.

Of course, there were protests.

And of course, there was the requisite flag-burning.

And, of course, there was the rallying cry of the moonbat left. Help, we are being repressed!

They burn flags, destroy property, disturb the peace and then act surprised and horrified when they are confronted and arrested.

One protester climbed atop a nearby awning and attempted to burn a flag there; as he descended, other demonstrators huddled around him to protect him against identification and arrest.

Last time I checked, hindering police from doing their job was a crime.

It's interesting that, as you read stories of socialist protests, it is always the fault of the police when things go wrong. No one on the socialist side ever does anything wrong, the arrests are always unprovoked.

A couple of big, rich, Republican-looking guys came by and started arguing that if we didnít like it here in the U.S., there are plenty of countries we could go live in instead.

Republican-looking guys? Isn't that profiling?

There will plenty of fun stories from the front, tales of flag-burning and Bush-bashing and property destruction as the conference continues today.

Random Nuclear Strikes will try to cover the events live, so keep checking over there for more.


Republican-looking = clean

Republican looking guys wouldn't have been there arguing with a bunch of tards like that. They'd have been at WORK.

I do not like these people.

Do you know how hard it is to stand up and say that the Patriot Act II worries me and needs closer examination when the Gibbons are screeching in the trees behind me? It makes anyone with a valid dissenting opinion look like a fool.

I was too nice. I HATE these people.

Must be nice.
Safe. Secure.
What these punks and punkettes need is to spend a few months in one of a few select African countries, China or North Korea(I'd say Iraq, but Saddam's not available to provide examples anymore as he has more pressing engagements at the moment), and in the course of their sojourns perhaps burn a few local flags, do a little vandalism in the course of a protest against the host government, maybe yell a few of the same kinds of things about the local junta they yell about the U.S. government here....
Who knows? They may end up having an exciting future, even if it proves to be short and fraught with discomfort.
They may even wax nostalgic for the good old days of American "repression".

I live in Seattle, and I've had to deal with these barking moonbats for the past few days. Datarat, you hate these people? I loath them. I loath them with a burning hatred that the english language has no words for. I hated them after WTO. I hated them for WTO2. I hated them while they protested the war, and I will continue to loath and hate them until they have proven to be more that the parasitic donkey-felching shitworms that they are. Thank God the police took care of them, because what I would have done to them would make the police look like Mother Theresa.