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riddle me this

Why hasn't someone thought of this yet?

Television has the opportunity to solve the two greatest mysteries of recent times - who killed Laci Peterson and is John Edward for real?

Think of the ratings. Think of the altruistic outcome of such a show.

Edward invites Laci's family, as well as Scott Peterson and his little sidekick Amber to a sitting with him, to be viewed live on tv.

Surely, with all those people there, Laci's spirit will want to contact at least one of them, right? To either comfort her mother or tell her sister what really happened or to possess Scott's soul until he beats himself to death with his own fists.

Laci could use Edward to tell what happened. He could do it in his usual fashion, using symbols and codes to tell the real story of what happened that fateful day in Modesto.

The killer is revealed, Edward is given the key to the city and proves that he is no fake! The ratings go through the roof. A book is written about it. The mini-series gets underway. Everyone is a winner!

As I mulled this scenario over in my head, I realized my one fatal flaw with this idea.

Edward is full of shit. If his talents were true, if he really did convey the words of spirits to the living world, then why hasn't he solved all the unsolved murders in America? Surely, of all those ghostly spirits of people who are not resting in peace because their murder has yet to be solved, a few of them would want to use John to talk to family members, don't you think?

I only thought of this because I dreamed last night that my family was on the John Edward show and he was talking to them through me, except I wasn't dead, I was at a rave, dancing with John Kerry and Al Franken.

Now that's what I call a nightmare.


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hahaha. i have often wondered this myself. if these so called pyschics like edwards and sylvia brown are really what they say they are, then whey haven't they solved this shit already? why? because they are full of shit cold calling fuckwads thats why....lol

Psychics are frauds.

And I'm so glad I don't dream.

In your dream, was Tom Daschle looking on with a disapproving scowl? Just wondering...

Maybe THIS comment will get me an official Whore at ASM link: I have a friend who went to see JE before he was a tv famous guy, and everything except one fact that he hasn't checked out because it involves dysfunctional family stuff....EVERYTHING....the guy told him came true, down to names and places.

Michele is trying to become the James Randi of the Blogopshere.

Haven't you seen the South Park where Stan says John Edward is a fake - and to prove it, he pretends to be a psychic too?

Funny stuff...and I'll concur that he's full of shit.

The problem (well, one of the multitude of problems) is that his symbol language for speaking requires one of the people in the audience to know the facts in order to interrpret. Since Scott is the only one that knows what happened, he'd just keep lying.. 'Yeah, the picture of me holding a knife and some rope.. That's me making a salad and then tying my shoes while the murder happened.. See? She's telling you I'm innocent. The concrete? That's her saying I have a concrete alibi..' Other than that it's a perfect plan.

Edward, Van Praag and all their ilk should be gassed