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whining about winer again

[this first paragraph went missing somehow]

I received an email tonight from someone who said, in regards to my previous musings on Winer today, that I should "not bite the hand that feeds me." Dave Winer feeds me? Since when? I owe him nothing. And if for one minute you think that I care if some A-lister who at this moment doesn't even know I exist is going to have pissy hissy fit because I dared to besmeech Dave Winer, then you obviously don't know me well enough to know that I really don't care. The emailer also went on to say that "all bloggers owe a debt of gratitude to Winer." I started blogging without knowing he was and I'll probably finish blogging without giving a crap who he thinks he is.

From Mr. Self-Important:

Amazingly, Glenn Reynolds is still covering the war. Seems like an exercise in futility. In its aftermath, of what use were the warbloggers. A lot of punditry, a lot of furor and outrage, quite a few flames, but what did they actually do other than act important. They got no stories, no new data, they didn't balance the press, which reported the war as if the US was a petty Third World dictatorship. They didn't even out the press. Pheh.

Hey, all you people still writing about the D.C. snipers or Monica Lewinsky or Les Miserables, stop! They're over! I mean, what's to write about when something is over and done? Why still talk about those darn Beatles or reminisce about the Colorado Rockies? Once something is done, you just stop talking about, silly!

swiner.gifNews flash to Dave Winer: There is still a lot to talk about. There's a nation being rebuilt. Our soldiers still run the risk of being attacked. Saddam's henchmen are still being captured. But hey, why discuss it if the fighting is all done, right? Once that statue of Saddam tipped over, we should have packed up our warblogging hats and backed off until the inevitable invasion of Iran, I guess.

Hey, I know plenty of people who are still talking about the 2000 election and that's been over for quite a while. What gives?

As for the "what did they actually do" line, I'm not sure what Winer means by this. We're talking weblogs, Dave. Not Time Magazine or Newsweek. We weren't supposed to do anything other than write on what we were witnessing and how we felt about it.

Which, come to think of it, is pretty much what any other blogger does on a variety of subjects. We gave out information, most of it in real-time. We were able to keep people who were away from a tv updated on a second-by-second basis on how the war was going. I think we did a damn good job at blogging the war and I don't think anyone was trying to change the world with their words.

They got no stories, no new data...

My turn to be self-important. Command-Post broke quite a few stories. Sure, we had insiders who helped leak upcoming stories to us, but we got those stories and data out on the web before CNN, before Fox, before any other news website.

I think the warbloggers - those for and against the war - did a bang-up job of getting the news out there, disseminating the information and giving it all a personal feel.

Why would covering the war at this date be an exercise in futility? Not every person who has a weblog is out to make a name for themselves. We are not all Winer wannabes who strive to become the be-all and end-all of blogging. Some of us cover stories because they interest us and our readers. We're not out there balancing our blog with just the right amount of this and that, all sprinkled with validation and RSS buttons so we can go to some Ivy League law school and talk about...blogging.

Lest anyone forget, a blog is a personal wesbite. It's not the Daily News, it's not even the downtrodden New York Times. It's not Page Six or People Magazine. Hell, you can't even line a birdcage with a blog.

Sure, bloggers can make a difference. Witness Trent Lott. But to decry them when they don't make a difference in the media during a major war is akin to decrying Mom & Pop Hardware for not running Home Depot out of town.

..but what did they actually do other than act important..

You're confusing us with you, Dave. I'm sure if all the major warbloggers used Winer's blogging tools, and we all validated in every single browser available and we all had RSS feeds and were XTL compliant and used the proper color-coded buttons on our site to announce all that to the world, Dave would take us in his arms and call us his own.

Winer may have "invented" weblogging, according to internet lore, but the only part of this fad he perfected was the part drawn from online diaries, where people stand on their soapboxes and cry "Look at me! I'm important!"

Here's lookin' at ya, kid.

Please note that I am not taking away from Dave anything that he has done as far as technological advances. This is about blogging and ego, nothing more, nothing less. I have no beef with the man's technical skills or intelligence in that field, so you can save yourself the ten minutes it would have taken for you to write a defensive email detailing Winer's illustrious credentials in the field.


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War blogging bore shmogging. I invented the goddamn internet - top that Winer, you self-important weenie!

Check out Winer's Lessons of 9-11:

9-11 was, imho, a small upheaval in getting to some kind of equilibrium in how the US participates in the world, both from the US perspective, and the world's perspective. That we got so much sympathy says how big the human heart is. That there wasn't more celebrating in the streets of world capitals says that they forgive us for our selfish attitude, which is back in force as if 9-11 never happened.

So what was the lesson of 9-11 that the US has failed to learn? I think it's that God doesn't think we're as important as we do. The concept of national security is obsolete. We can't close our borders. We live on this planet with everyone else. Global warming, AIDs, terrorism, all penetrate all borders. New York is a world city. The last gasps of isolationism will be snuffed out by more humiliation, until we get the truth, we aren't above the rest of the world, but we are part of it.

And like Winer, Radio also sucks - let's all install bug ridden web servers on our desktops so we can post to a weblog. Zzzzz.

Mr. Snarky, I covered that one.

i'm still chuckling about his "Referers" stats...lol esp from 15 on down..lolololol
here is a link to those stats..http://scriptingnews.userland.com/stats/referers
the funny thing is gleen gets more views in one hour than winer gets all day...can we say jealous?..heh

p.s. how was the wedding?

Why does your Command Post link go to some software site? Or is there a joke I'm not getting

lol...the link is www.command-post.ORG
not .com
me thinks michele has had alot of fun at the wedding...heh

I love the smell of burning blogger in the morning...

uh...me thinks I need to read posts better...wedding not until sat....dang...

Who the heck is Dave Winer? Wouldn't really know if it weren't for Michele and Prof. Reynolds. The Wiener obviously doesn't get it. In today's computer age, you're not a genius just because you beat everyone else to a concept that would've been invented in the next several months. The genius is exploiting the invention to it's full value (see Bill Gates with DOS, GE with TV, Curtis with airplanes, etc... In fact, I'm ashamed of myself to even group The Whiner with the real genius of IBM researchers, Philo Farnsworth, and the Wright Brothers and Otto Lillienthal, respectively). Let's face it content is KING. Michele, Glenn, Frank J, Rachel, Andrea and yes even Oliver. to name a few (not that I'm on first name basis with anyone of them), make weblogs an enjoyable diversion from the everyday computer facing professional. Those that cannot do.........

I have no idea what sort of tech stuff Winer talks about normally on his blog, but he comes off as pompous jack*ss every time he talks about politics. That's probably because he has no idea what he's talking about...maybe all his brain space is taken up thinking about XML & RSS feeds. Either way, he has never impressed me as anything other than a windbag who enjoys talking just to hear himself speak...

Who is Dave Winer?

never heard of him... until now


As soon as the economy recovers and venture capitalists feel comfortable opening their checkbooks, you can bet that web logs are going to get a fair amount of money.

I chalk Winer's attempt at trying to discuss blogging as a whole as a step toward him becoming a so-called 'expert' on the subject.

The venture capitalists won't know the difference. Look at how well they did the last time they invested in people who knew how to write a monologue but couldn't hold their own in a conversation.

What a self-important shit head, remarked the self important shithead.

Yeah, Dave Winer is the pivot man of the blogosphere - as far as he knows. Techno-geek, maybe. Content blogger, nah. And did you follow his link to 'photos on his trip to the NYT?' Suggested Album caption - carrying along camera and randomly pushing that button thingy on the top of it.

What a dolt.

Oh, and the sish reference is a personal one, above.

Of course the war battle is over...only about 9 soldiers killed last week and one just yesterday. No need to write about it.

It always amazes me how the left can make so many contradictory arguments at the same time - "It's all over" but "We need to rebuild the country" while making sure that "American companies must not make any money in Iraq".

And why is Winer still writing about not finding WMD? I thought it was all over. (Note to Winer - we don't have to find finished weapons; evidence of illegal programs is enough)

I owe nothing to that Dave guy - only ever heard his name recently!

Wow! An ASV plug for the Rockies! YOu know I love the Yanks, but growing up in Colorado I waited for a long time for Major League Baseball to arrive there. Some could argue we are still waiting...but their only 8 out so far this year. Too bad they don't have the Yanks on their schedule in the near future, cuz that would be a couple...maybe three gimmes!

Oh nice job refuting Mr. Self Important too, by the way, but you already knew that.


You all suck-dumbasses!

the king