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programming notes [or, you're not a weblog winner until you say winer!]

I'm trying to cram all the posting I can into the daytime hours [waves to boss] because this week is jam packed with after-work activity. My sister's wedding is fast approaching - she is getting married on Saturday - and this week will be a flurry of fittings and rehearsals and fussing with hair and nails and all that girly stuff. In between those things, Natalie has her spring concert at school and DJ has two baseball games.

I wish it was already Saturday at 5pm and we were at the reception on our way to being drunk and making fools of ourselves. Isn't that what everyone does at weddings?

I could use a short break in the evenings from this blog anyhow. Apparently, I'm not doing it right and I guess I need to study up on what a weblog really is. After all, Dave Winer teaches about weblogs at Harvard University, so I'm sure he must really really know exactly what a weblog is supposed to look like and how, if you do not meet up those standards, you really don't have a weblog at all.

The way around this? Why, use Dave Winer's weblogging tools, of course! Got that? You are not fully assimilated into the culture of weblogs unless you have an "edit this page" button and a calendar on your site!

What a egotistical windbag.

[Thanks, I think, to reader Andre for sending the link to Winer's self-referencing manifesto]

I'm not done with Winer yet. Must write about this entry. He makes me grind my teeth at night, I swear.


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Above all, you must not let the fact that you are different make you feel like you should alter your work. You are doing a fantastic job. And your poem was beautiful.

Relax, honey. It's a new day in the blogosphere. Blog about whaever you feel you need to and don't let some white establishment make snob tell you what your blog should be liike. Fuck DAT.

Not all blogs are supposed to be like readig Reuters.

Follow what your heart tells you to write and then just maybe you'll bust the paradigm into new territory. For all her brashness, sex appeal and savvy marketing, you have to admit,

It is a little more painful to blaze your own trail, but worth the payoffs to know that you have been true to your own inner voice.


Big hug,

Well, I guess I need to work on my facetious writing a bit.

Dammit, a typo. That should have read, "For all her brashness, sex appeal, and savvy marketing, Venomous Kate has really set a new standard for creating a formidable and magnetic web persona. And things have been a lot more interesting around here."

Whew, I hate typos.

Buck up, little Buckaroo. All will be well if you follow your heart.


I think maybe you were a little hard on Dave. This particular article is actually some of his more rational writing and strikes me as fairly balanced. He is forthright about his affiliation with Userland and gives MT credit where it's due (though his point about static vs. dynamic rendering is mistaken, MT does in fact, support dynamic page generation-- it's just relatively undocumented).

If you want to see Dave in action, you should poke around some of the syndication forums and lists. This post is tame by comparison.

Anyway, he invented weblogs, dontcha know? Just ask him, he'll tell you.

I love Dave. I've never seen such tireless self-promotion in my life. Why, Dave even managed to get his name into an article about Nullsoft's WASTE last week. It takes talent to get your name mentioned on topics that should have nothing to do with you.

according to his own website stats:....Where in hell is this guy advertising?!?!?!lolol

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But more important than that... your sister is going to have the same anniversary as me! Glad to see at least SHE has good taste... ow! quit it!

If a sanctimonious blogger rants in the ether and no one is around to read...

Goodness, he's boring! I'll stick with you, Michele.

And who among us really thinks the war is over and shouldn't be discussed anymore just because the major action is over?

I thought they retired the Concorde until I heard the sonic boom in your post.

Is his question mark key broken or something? What a fucklump.

I read the second entry you provided... how nice that he could 'invent the weblog', and then say it was useless for 'balancing the press' during the war coverage. Meanwhile, he takes a tour of the frickin' NYT - anyone see a little imbalance on his side?
If Mr. Winer was found the mainstream press unbalanced, he should have read Command Post. After all, the mainstream press ended up doing that, too.