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about the weather


The rain keeps coming
and even when it goes
it leaves a trail of clouds,
wet leaves,
pools of puddles in the road.

I've gone days without the sun
feels like a lifetime in darkness
misty, drizzly, drenching rains
dampness clinging to your clothes
like leeches sucking the joy
from your skin and your soul

May was lifeless
June begins the same
cold like October
drenched like April

we stand in the rain
our umbrellas held high
our heads under hoods
we wait for the sun

if only a peek.


Jeez, can we have some o' dat?? We just finished one of the hottest and driest Mays on record. It was 97 degrees yesterday- and it's still officially "Spring". Yeah. Right. Whatever....


You need to come down south. It's gorgeous here.


Terrible here. Everybody stay away. Two earthquakes yesterday. We've got a serial killer on the loose and they were out of garlic salsa yesterday.

Santa Barbara CA

It's somewhat bizarre seeing the phrases "The little dead girl's back, and she's pissed," and "About the weather," on the same web page.

Just an observation.


So, I was nervous about posting of my own lyrics at my site, But it seems less scary to do some under your lovely poem. Deep breath. Here goes.


Have you ever watched a person drown?
Have you seen the look in their eyes
when they know they're going down
for the thrid and final time?
Part terror,
part blinding rage.
They can't believe it could end this way.

Drown, drown, going down.
Have you ever watched a person drown?

Life cleaving things have
happened between
this thing and the other thing,
Now you will never be the same.
This changes everything
You'll never turn back the wheels
of the gods' bloodthirsty machine.

(Drown, Drown...)

In the end we can cope with anything,
I guess, try and close the empty holes
in everything,
so many empty gaps in things...