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17 innings later, they're still ugly

It works for me. Sort of. Clemens fails in another bid to get his 300th win, and the Yankees pull a win out of their asses against the lowly Tigers.

This was the ugliest game of the year, by far. The fifth inning alone was enough to give me baseball nightmares. Unearned runs are are the baseball equivalent of having a booger hanging out of your nose.

The back-to-back home runs were nice, but damn, they were up 7-1 at one point. A win is a win, but an ugly win is like kissing your sister. If your sister was Cameron Diaz with zits.


It was just freaking hideous. 9 innings to score a run off Detroit's bullpen. A team that is playing .267 ball. However, on the upside, Wells is now at 7-2 and Roger has yet to win 300.

Please, take your whammy off Roger . Please.

Fuck you. I fucked your mother right in her dirty ass last night. She loved it. I fucked her cunt until she was bleeding. Dirty whore.

Hey, Joey? Mom says to tell you that you left your white lace panties and at her house.

There's going to be some smashed up toilets in the Clemens household tonight...:)

I'm hoping for these type of victories for the rest of the season. No decision for Clemens, win for the Yankees.

299 and holding.

I bet he cringes everytime he sees that hot dog commercial now! I bet his family's favorite player IS Derek Jeter.

Disgraceful play. I know that there was pressure because of the 300 wins, but what about the World Series? That's pressure too. Are they going to be tripping all over themselves there too?

And against the Tigers for Chrissakes. They're all children in uniform.

We Tigers fans have to take what little enjoyment we can get--I hope Clemens gets #300 soon, but I was glad it wasn't against Detroit...

On the plus side, Juan Rivera hit into three double plays. By the time he knocked that final grounder in the fifteenth it wasn't so much sad any more as it was funny.

F**k Roger Clemens. I agree with Mara. The Yanks can win, but Clemens doesn't get the win, the fat pig.