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freedom like a shopping cart

It's been two weeks since I've gone food shopping. You would think I had twenty people living in this house at the rate we consume food and goods. I think it's time for a little warehouse shopping.

Laurence has a cool question for you: What movie scenes have horribly warped and scarred your psyche?

My answer to him was:

The movie The Believers (I think that was the name, it was about voodoo or something like that) had a scene where the wife went to make coffee in the morning and the voodoo guru somehow made water pile up on the floor where she stood and when she plugged the coffee pot in, she sort of fried to death.

Since then, I always check for water on the floor when I plug appliances in.


Go answer. There, not here.

Now, I've got some economy-size shopping to do, with an ecomony size shopping cart that you could fit a dead horse in. Hopefully, no one will ram me with theirs, causing me to lash out in anger and kill the queen.

Those two thoughts were totally non sequiter, I know.

bonus points to anyone who knows where that title line comes from.


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That movie freaked me out! As did The Serpent and The Rainbow.

that scene gives me nightmares to this day. it was milk on the floor, not water.

I have an irrational fear of complete darkness thanks to Silence of the Lambs. I always think that there is a deranged killer watching me through night-vision goggles, just waiting to attack.

And I always look behind the shower curtain when entering a bathroom--a little backwards Psycho fear!

Da Goddess is right about "The Serpent and The Rainbow". My ex used to always laugh about how that movie made me jump clean off the floor the first time I watched it! She and one of her friends used to use that incident as proof that white men really can jump! ;-)

As for 'warehouse' shopping - I consider myself lucky if I can get out of those darned money traps for less that $100 - even if it's just to get a gallon of milk for $.30/gal cheaper than the local grocers... They know me way too well.....

I`ve learned to respect power tools because of "The Evil". Cool movie.


"Between the red and black, you're never goin' back"

It's amazing what scares some doesn't scare others (and vice versa). The Believers didn't scare my at all. I was so bored with The Serpent And The Rainbow that I actually walked out on it.... Now the original Friday the 13th and original Halloween are another story. I think it's a multiple of factors that drive this: age, environment, mood, etc when you first saw the movie effect your memory of "scaryness"

BTW Michele,
A ground fault outlet makes the electrocution scene near impossible (Not sure that was code at the time of the movie release), so relax a little bit (If you don't have them, GET 'EM, 7-8 bucks is well worth your safety and peace of mind).

My clearest memory of that movie incident is Martin Sheen screaming like an idiot, watching his wife dying, instead of using the "tackle" technique to remove the victim from the source of electricity

Holy crap! I remember that exact scene from when I was like, 8 years old. It was the only part of the movie I saw, I never knew what movie it was, but it damaged me horribly forever! twitch

JODIE FOSTER in Lamb Chops, without question.

That scene in "The Believers" freaked me out. I don't think it scared me, though. I wasn't afraid of "The Invasion of the Body Snatchers" -- until I went to bed. I almost looked under the bed for pods. Took me forever to fall asleep. LOL

One scene that scared me was the banging-on-the-bedroom-door scene in the original "The Haunting." Eleanor and Theo were wide awake, clutching at each other, and it was so cold you could see their breath. I first saw it on TV years ago when I was ten, and it scared me half to death. It's one of my favorite movies.

That Kill The Queen rant was hilarious! In my neck of the woods it's Sam's Club (owned by Wal-Mart), but the experience is identical...

I know that Requiem for a Dream really freaked me out. That's my anti-drug, I'll tell you what.