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I am not going to take place in any blogger popularity contests. Please do not: email me and ask me to link you and not link someone else; ask me to remove someone from my blogroll so you can achieve a higher ranking than them in any of the blogging ranking systems; send me emails detailing some slight another blogger has affronted you with, asking me to publicly flog that blogger; try to get me involved in blogging cat fights over hits and stats.

Blogging - as well as reading blogs - is a joy to me. Don't make it into something it's not. Being at the top of the blogging food chain will not put food on your table or get you into Spago. It will not get you laid or make you prettier or make your dick bigger.

It will, if you let it, connect you to people you might otherwise never have met. It will, if you let it, give you knowledge about the world around you and tell you stories you might have never heard otherwise. It will, if you let it, turn you into a teacher of sorts or a student or a friend.

Thousands of people read and write blogs every day. You have the chance to entertain, to teach, to learn, to write, to help others. You have the ability to laugh or make others laugh, to cry along with someone, to feel outrage and write about that outrage, to make a difference, no matter how small, to someone who has read your blog and was touched by something you wrote.

You can play games with others, listen to their music, laugh at their jokes, click on their links and talk about inane subjects such as tampons or action figures or movies.

You can read what life is like in a city, state or country other than yours. You can seek out information or relay information or just find another person who shares your love of zydeco music.

Blogging and reading blogs can be a wonderful thing. Don't drag it down into a grade school level schoolyard contest. Well, do it if you must, but don't ask me to step in.

I just want to write and read and connect. I don't want to play your stupid reindeer games.


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What you say about blogging allowing you to connect with others is exactly the most beautiful part of blogging to me. It's the part that made me feel a part of a community and a family when I felt terribly alone.

While I maintain that my blog is just a part of who I am and not my only source of interaction, it IS a big part of my life. I let it be. Because of the people.

Sometimes we encounter those who are not who and what they seem. They come to us in one form at the outset and take on a new shape later on. We all need to learn to move beyond that. Let it go and move on.

For me, my blog has been my friend since its inception. Through it, I have found some glorious friends. I cherish those friendships and I always will.

Timely entry, M. And so very very true.

The way I see it, my blog is for my own expression. Others read it, but I never asked them to. In fact, an audiance is only a bonus, it's more of an outlet for my emotion and feelings than anything.

But, but, if you delink Robyn and link me I will be 1/1000000000 of the way to catching her on the statlist du jour. Besides, she's got a freaky red nose, we don't let her play reindeer games. ;-)

Hear, hear!

Well said.


It will, if you let it give you an excuse to take pictures of carrots between your boobies!! Seriously... This is so true what you write. I have met the most amazing people through my blog (yourself included), people who have helped me through the most difficult time in my life. I guess as with anything in life, there are always the few that have to try and ruin a good thing for everyone else.

well said. blogging has been my lifeline to the world. i have met so many amazing people through blogging. i started it because i needed to write my life, i never imagined that people would read it and like it. if people link me, cool, if people delink me, whatever. i don't care. i write for me.


Could you e-mail me at tanka530@hotmail.com? Call me a moron, but I can't find your e-mail address on here. I want to put up some links to this and another post.


there are reasons you are great oh goddesss
and this post surely is one of them
right on soul sista
i love it
i love it
i doooooooo
i guess somehow i have been completely spared from blogger contests, politics anything like that
partially because im blonde and just dont get any of that anyway
and partially because
i dont give a rats ass and couldnt if i tried

this wild world of web for me
has been part salvation
part jubilation
part penetration heheheh
and part intellualization
and please dont even bother to tell me
if i spelled any of that wrong

Very well said. I read blogs that interest me and blogroll them cause it's easy to see when someone has updated recently and have the links handy. And I check out other blogrolls especially those from bloggers whose blogs I enjoy. Were it just a popularity contest, I wouldn't chance upon some really spiffy blogs that wouldn't get noticed otherwise.

You're right about blogging not making my manhood more manly or increasing my chances of sexual conquests. That role in my life is more than amply filled by my email account. My inbox has so vastly increased the proportions of Mr. Happy and my opportunities to wield him that blogging is now a chore that interupts my marathon freak sessions.

Frankly, blogging is to self-esteem what cat litter is to cats.

"Thousands of people read and write blogs every day"

But /nope/ of them respond to gord's email. Bitch!

So you wouldn't flog me publicly if I asked you to? It would feel so yummy... ;)

Really, though, that's an excellent set of points. Frankly, I've never even SEEN any of the blogs I go to devolve into immature personal attacks, save for a few posts on Acidman's site (and even those, I'm pretty sure is just Rob enjoying himself, and I don't take it too seriously).

It was certainly touching, though. I hope to learn wisdom from the masters as time goes on. :) I don't even WATCH network news anymore. When Allison Wilson-Smith starts talking about boobs for at least a quarter of the newscast, I might go back to CBC.

But for now, friendly bloggers are the best game in town. :)

The nature of the contests you host, creating goofy signs and building lists, help contribute to each blogger's creativity and ability to express themselves. Crosslinking and blogrolling exercises, on the other hand, contribute nothing.

You claim "Being at the top of the blogging food chain will not put food on your table or get you into Spago. It will not get you laid or make you prettier or make your dick bigger" and while that may be true, blogging certainly can get a blogger dates and eventually laid. I won't reveal how I know this or how many different women I've learned it with, but the number is larger than... well, let's just say it's surprisingly large.

I admit, it didn't get me into Spago or make my dick any bigger, though.

Cat fights? Mrowr! Sssst!

Wait, wait, wait....

Blogging won't get me laid?


As a blogger with an ego, I like for people to read my stuff. As a writer in the fiction genre, I enjoy knowing, in real-time, that people enjoy my work.

Yeah, I like my sitemeter. I'll admit it. I like for other bloggers to link me. As for my blogroll, well, I have a hard and fast rule that I abide by: I will link no blog in the sidebar unless I am willing to check in at least once, every single day. Every. Single. Day.

I have a hard time with the reindeer games, too. I am a believer in marketing your blog by entering contests and submitting your site to places that spider, etc. I don't see anything wrong with that, at all. If a friend or blogger whom I think is deserving asks me to click on a link or something for them, I'll do it.

If someone de-links me, well, fine. That's their perogative. You won't see me whining and bitching and threatening to quit blogging in some elaborate stunt to regain hits. You won't see me whoring to win the contests that I enter.

Like most of you, like Michele, I'm out here to exchange opinions and ideas. To meet cool people, too...and get news and movie reviews and book recommendations and what have you.

I'm not here to repeat high school. I hated it then, I hate it now.

We're bloggers. Those among us who are grown-ups in real life ( and you know who I'm talking to, y'all) are supposed to be above shitty tricks and "cliquing up" like whiny pre-pubescent girls.

Blog gratia blogis. Blog for blog's sake! ;)

Gotta love them insecure bloggers...

When are people going to learn that a person's link list is only used by two people:

1. The owner of the blog
2. Your enemy, who has delinked you, yet wants to check up on you

what does it matter if you're on a blogroll or not?

Well said, Michele. Consider it, a condiment that I'll place next to the little circle of lit candles and chicken bones I already have on my desktop, amist other talismans and curios, to discourage people, with tails, from trespassing on my screen. One great leap and belly flop into the Hudson, off the Brooklyn Bridge, to the horde who can not take the small step of realizing--that a Blogger takes his/her site seriously--and for the emboldened vandals' only reciprocity, that of mistaking--whimsical musing and entertaining humor--as a welcome mat, for degenerates to streak across the screen, posting grafitti in their coming out party. Who let the dogs out, it must feel like on some days, sponsered by readers who forgot to nueter their pet peeves. Looney burbs in sqat mode, who never take the trouble of organizing the thoughts that they scavenge from the trash dumpsters or shopping carts that they push around within their own craniums, whose idea of the cradle of civilized thought, is a cardboard box with newspapers for comforters, so much better off the blogsphere, if speak those ravens, neverthemore. But that's only one bloggee's personal opinion, on one day in June.

LOL blogging might not make your dick bigger, but if you're already a big dick, blogging will make that more obvious.

Who are these idiots? Yeesh!

Well said, Michele.