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wolverine v. cyclops

We spent the day doing things that didn't involve the computer.

We saw X2, which I won't bother reviewing because you know I loved it. I will just ask you this, though; given the choice between Wolverine and Cyclops, who would you choose? The guy with steel claws and good looks, or the guy who has to wear those stupid looking glasses all the time? He looks like a reject from a Duran Duran video.

Sure, Wolverine wouldn't be the most dependable boyfriend, and those claws might get in the way during sex, but he's got to be more exciting than that other stick-in-the-mud, Cyclops. That guy's got a huge stick up his ass. Then again, so does Jean.

What? Stop looking at me like that. I know they're not real.


remember tho, wicked claws and good looks aside, logan's really short. i always said i'd go with beast, if i had to pick an x-man. not as hot as gambit, and he might be blue and furry, but he's cute, acrobatic, funny, and super smart. and gambit's an insecure jerk.

Hey, who cares if they're real!

Wolverine all the way. Even if they did give him Ace Ventura-looking hair in the movies ;)

Speaking striclty of X-2, I'd take the muscle-chested student whose skin turned to metal during the school invasion scene. Not sure if he has a name or not since I don't read X-Men.

That was Colossus...I think. And yes, he was nummy.

I have a Hugh Jackman jones from way back and that Cyclops boy's teeth bug me. Wolverine needs him some nasty girl, not that priss Jean Grey...and they are too real!

wolverine has ALWAYS been my favorite of the x-men.
::: drool :::

My wife's a Nightcrawler chick. I go for Emma Frost, myself... or Rogue from the comics, not the movies.

I havent yet seen X2, but i was always a Wolverine fan. Cyclops looks like he fell off the stage with a boyband.
But penis envy aside...I already have one, and i dont think i want another one...much less attached to another man..
Rogue looks yummy in the leather Grrrrrr...

You mean the X-Men aren't real?


P.S. I'll take Wolverine over any of them, any day.

Iceman is my boyfriend. He just doesn't know it yet.

Already been there, done that. I'll have to link to my superhero dating ratings again. That was fun.

I'm with you, Michele. Wolvie. Cyclops is a bore. Then again, so's Jean, which is why she's all wrong for Wolvie. He needs someone with an edge. An attitude. hehehehehe.

Yeah, 'cause a woman who's set to become a cosmic force of nature doesn't have enough 'edge'.

ooops, there's the comic geek in me. down, comic geek!

Of course she doesn't have edge. Being a cosmic force of nature just means she's a prick that will fry you if you tell her so.

Of course my comic geek moment in X2 was lamenting that they soooooooooo messed up the whole Lady Deathstrike storyline.

Colossus all the way...but if I have to play the game fair then definitely Wolverine. Though this is the only role where Hugh Jackman looks studly IMHO. The rest of the time he's kinds weinie lookin'.

Wondered the same thing about Wolvie and Jean. Sigh.

Also, made my friends arch their eyebrows while at my first baseball game ever--I was wondering if Storm ever rains out games where her team is losing. Aaron: "You know the X-Men are fictional, right?" Me: "Hush."

Haven't seen X2 yet, but in spite of my obsession with Wolverine, I've become an Alan Cumming fan and can't wait to see him as Nightcrawler (always had a thing for guys with tails) :)

Your hero suckz!
He's deeply in love with Hulk and that's why things didn't work out for him and Jean!!!!
Must be the animal attraction you see...!!!