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an important ruling on tampons

tamp.gifJudge rules that Playtex is superior to Tampax.

I would love to have heard the witnesses in that case.

By the way, the judge is right. While Tampax has that whole flushable thing going for them, Playtex provides more comfort. Tampax tampons always feel like they are going to pop out when you sneeze.

Of course, you could always be a good pro-environment person and just get yourself some reusable pads and ditch the tampons all together.

Or you can give the tampons to your boss.

Or make your own feminine protection Stonhenge.

Or make a Monica out of your tampon.

And that is your TMI post for this Saturday.


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I've always flushed playtex with no problem. But I guess we're talking applicators here aren't we?

And while we're on the subject, don't be fooled into those new Tampax pearl tampons. They. Suck. Ass. It feels like they're in sideways.

My favorite has to be the "keeper", it has to be read to be believed. I also draw the environmentally friendly line at feminine hygene products.

i'll have to try playtex next time. i was going to buy a store brand once, but i'm not the one who has to deal with the (dis)comfort, so i always opt for what i know. i ended up buying both, and letting her choose. she didn't mind the store brand (and they have these grippy things on the tube, that have a cool name but i don't remember it).

so, next time, i'll buy tampax and playtex.

wow, am i tired.

wow..without blogs...i never would have known about the tampon war...hehe...i think i'll stick with the browser wars...oh wait...

crazy that i even came across this site. i was actually looking for a band and i searched 'im feeling lucky' on google (what IS the point of that search) and this is the site that appeared.

anyway, im glad i found it! its fun.

as for those pearl tampons, they really do feel like theyre in the wrong way. no good.

and even if an applicator claims to be 'flushable' its usually not.

so thats it for me. ill be reading up on everything religiously though! good day to you all.

Whoa. There's like another robyn out there and stuff... I always knew there was something wrong with me. I'm a Tampax girl. And I actually like the Pearl ones. Who knew?

Uhhh.... thanks for the tip?

One good word for Tampax they're not as easy to put in, but they're much easier to get out. With Playtex, I always have this horrible feeling that the string is about to pull apart from the tampon. Still, the Playtex are much less irritating.

. . . Yes, you're welcome for that glimpse into my personal life. _ I lost my shyness about my period around the time I went away to school and had to buy my own supplies from actual male drugstore clerks of my own age.

avery johnston

I like tampax personally. OBs are weird and platex always feels like the string is missing. But hey, you can make shit outta them...lol I'm making these for christmas gifts this year...lmao

There's something I wish I could unsee.

Excuse me while I look for an icepick to drive into my skull.

Mtpolitics, you can have my screwdriver, but you'll need to remove it from my eye first...

I laughed so hard when I read this. I've always used Tampax. The other brands always feel like they're going to fall out! At least the men in my immediate family are cool on the subject of menstrual cycles. I made sure they were well educated on the subject at an early age.

Personally, I could never use the tampons that grew longer. They hurt and they leaked.

Thankfully, I don't have to worry about it anymore.

Uh ... Eeeewwwwwww..... ;-)

that's it.

i advocate free claritin for all women on their periods.

As long as it's a brand that will enable you to bounce thru a field of flowers in a pastel dress, or roller skate or play tennis, what more do you want?

Why are guys so squeamish about this stuff?

Actually, I'd have to vote in favor of Tampax, myself. With Playtex, the plastic applicator is a dead giveaway when you're with a bunch of drunks, one of them wants a cigar, and you try duping him into smoking a 'White Owl'...

oh, yes, it did work a couple of times...

"A New York judge has ruled in favor of a Connecticut company in a continuing battle with the Procter and Gamble Company."

I wonder if the judge was female? Procter and Gamble, huh? They finally laid to rest that "logo is a Satanic symbol" urban myth and now this... LOL

I've heard of The Keeper. Women at Biosphere used it.

I have no opinion on this one way or the other, as I noted on OTB. (The trackback kept timing out, for some reason.)

I know this is an old post, but I gotta say, it's things like tampons that make me glad i am NOT a woman!! Not knocking women, but seriously, too many things to look after when you're a woman.

Omg i just had a horrible experience with a pearl tampon it fucking came apart inside me so it was like open like a book, i almost cried pulling that thing out. i'm a little asian girl and iv'e barely started using tampons and today was my first day using a reg sized tampon (i usu use slim fit) and look what's happened!!

Is there any basis for the info given out via email that the pearl tampons sometimes break up inside you and small bits of it flow into a woman's female organs? Please respond. What are first syptoms of this, if this is true.

Thank you,


all tampons can leave fibers "in you" but they get "washed out" by the natrual "cleansers". this is totally normal and all the health departments have declared it safe.
P.S-- there are chain letters circulating about this that say they give you yeast infections... its NOT TRUE. also, they found the person who wrote it and she admitted she made it up.

Why cant they make a lubricated tampon, one that lubricates when you insert it, so it is easy to go in and come out and comfortable to wear, I am small and have a hard time inserting it, if it was lubricated as it went in it would be easy espically on thoses last days when you have to fight to get them out, I cant understand with all the complants about them being uncomfortable going in, no one has thought about this before.

I'm a guy. I wear tampons. I love the playtex ones because the aplicator is easy to use for me.
I just rub some lotion on my hole (luberacant) smear some on the aplicator and stick it up there, then push in the tampon.
I think it feels great, but that's just me.

If you are interested in finding out the truth about tampons, the tampons and asbestos hoax, the truth about dioxin in tampons, etc. Then you may want to check out this page on my website.

Tampons - What you don't know could hurt you.

Nice site. Keep up the good work.

ive always used tampax pear but they made pe feel very weird so i went out and bought platex tampons they gave me more comfert ill never get any other brand.