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ok, one more

My gynecologist's name is Dr. Goldstein.

I tried yesterday to say to my sister, "I'm going to see Goldstein today," except it came out "I'm going to see Goldberg today."

And since then I've had this image in my head of Goldberg as my gynecologist.

He's got some big hands, that guy.


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Hey, that guy does my taxes!

Big hands? You should see his calculator.

OK I'll say it...

You know what they say about men with big hands...

So you really WERE going to see Dr G!!!! How funny! Except you aren't in California, don't have platinum blonde hair, and Dr G isn't a plastic surgeon.

Thanks for the mental image.


At least it wasn't Jonah Goldberg -- now THAT would be creepy.


well you know actually
i think id prefer a gyno with small hands
i mean even the loosest mama
is not
when your sitting on those stir rups
i hate that

Whacky fact of the day:

My internist is named Dr. Bleeden.

That is the most sexist thing I've heard in the last past 5 hours. If a man had said the equivalent, there probably would have been an onslaught of used tampons, chauvanistic accusations, and "sleep-in-the-doghouse-tonight" threats thrown at the undisciplined punster, that you bitches (opps), could claw and scratch his way. My sincere apology, if you just meant to be coy, about some sort of fantasy you dreamth about all your life, but never came close to getting. I quite enjoy your enjoyment of lust, in that case. Other than that, however, for outright sexists comments with innuendos that questions, that a male's purpose on Earth, was not to provide females with jewelry, mercedes, and a mansion, but instead, that man's nature pre-programs him into a life of porn, or may, as in the specifics of this case, lead him astray into gynecology, so he can check the wingspan of an aroused client, for these kinds of snickering, women should be served TRO's for mental abuse, and their privilege of nocturnal creature comforts withheld, until they beg for mercy, with more than a purfunctory performance. And that's more than one bloggee's personal opinion, on this last day in May.

"You know what they say about men with big hands..."

They wear big gloves? (I can never resist an opening like that)

I'm refering to Michele's comment in the above.

Dr Goldberg?? That was my third year project supervisor L I can't really see him as a gynecologist! I think the shock would kill him...

Ron? Did you forget to take your meds today?

You're the strangest troll I've ever had.

It could have been Rube Goldberg.

Hey, it's not just women. I meet a lot of doctors in the course of my work and the first thing I notice when shaking hands with a urologist is the size of his fingers.


Yes, I did take my medicine last night, for the slight case of SARS I've contracted.

Obviously, you know my post was meant to be taken with a lot of grains of humor and without even a tinge of sarcasm.

But on the issue of your gynecologist, your comment about his big hands is a sexist remark, intended or not. He studied a lot of years to get to his practice today. If, for instance, your gynecologist was a female, would you have said something about her with the same connotation? Remember the poll you took on whether people would feel differently about a blog if they knew that a woman instead of a man was the author? How would you feel, if someone discounted (I don't) your blog because they knew you were a woman?


Read it again.

The big hands referred to Golderg, the wrestler.

Michele you are one lucky woman...

I mean to have such wacky trolls.

Government Mandated Comments Section Warning Label: This post may contain some or all of the following: sexist jokes; insensitive racial stereotypes; gender bashing, political name calling, venomous insults, etc. Reader discretion is advised.


Oh. I thought you were man bashing. Incidentally, on any given day, I hold the Guinness world's record for jumping to conclusions, premises that are much better savored earlier than late, and for some unbeknownst reasons, occasionally correct. My preconceptions are legendary, numerous with impractical variations, wide ranging in scope and still at large in its matrix, nevertheless, they are always sound if only in theory, stuffed full and brimming with political politeness, and opined with precise execution on the dartboard of the nearest blog. Bye, honey. I'll be back in June, if you may.

I, in turn, conflate Goldberg with Ginzburg, and visualize a character with a smooth, hugh-muscled chest, bushy curly beard, and a U.S. flag top hat.

As for Shalegrey, who can never resist an opening like that, you had better develop some ability to resist openings like that if you are going to become a gynecologist.


I'd do Goldberg.

You know I like those macho types.


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