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swan song

I'm tired. I'll leave you with a song. But you have to listen to it and tell me what you think, just so I know I'm not uploading these songs for nothing, you know? I mean, do any of actually download the songs I put up?

Glassjaw - Hotel of the White Locust (mp3)

Welcome to Hollywood whore.
Wake up in Hollywood whore.

My dance has passed.

Combine the throb within the head
with the rhythm of my fucking feet.
Say a novena for all those lost
and read the bloodstains on the sheets.
I've whored myself for less than this
and I've prayed to appear to fed.
As I knelt on my pillow God,
I clenched my fists and banged my head.

Who could ever take the place of me?

How I kiss up to God my fists
and I pray to keep my head
though I like your pretty eyes better blackened
and my fists all red.
Through sickness and health
I've kissed up to God two years.
I have focused on the cameos made by the tiger
in the valley of the locust.

Wipe it off you mouth.
Get up off your knees
and make me your god.

It's sexual debauchery.
You cost what you're worth.

Followed by a boy like this.
Re-ignited by all your visits.
As long as your mouth is shut
You'll still be beautiful.


Well, in fact, no one the fuck ever could take the place of you, baby. (Ewwww, I can't believe I just said that. I must need sleep.)

I do! I download them all! (Except that one you had up yesterday -- for some reason I couldn't download it.)

I usually download them when I am around to do so. Interesting choice tonight; I'm not a real big fan of the vocal style, but then again this is coming from a guy who listens to Carcass and GWAR, so apply the required amount of salt.

I loooooved it. I download them all!

If it's a song I don't have, I'll DL it...But since we listen to mostly the same music there's not much that you have that I don't... :)

i always download them. it's especially nice when you don't double the url part. (http://asmallvictory.net/asmallvictory.net/icecube-wicked.mp3)

I usually download them. I don't particulairly like the style of music, but the lyrics usually make up for it.

I usually download them but only if it's something I don't already have...

It usually takes me a while to get around to listening to them, though cause I'm a slacker.

I did listen to this one tonight (I downloaded it the other night or last night or something) and I like it. I particularly liked the time-change and the style switch. Nice tune!

ditto on the double-URL thing, too... although, it's prolly more like you forgot the end-quote when you linked it.... that's happened to me tons of times, so I dont' have room to criticize.....