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the only thing i haven't done yet is masturbate

It's like I don't know what to do with myself now that I'm finally home alone.

I'm multi-tasking. Reading blogs, writing, listening to music on the computer while Akira is running on the tv in surround sound, and let me tell you, I feel like I'm there.

I am vacuuming, doing dishes and reading Transmetropolitan.

Thinking about uploading some more songs. I told Dr. Frank I would review his 8 songs tonight, but I don't think he wants me writing a review while I'm spending the evening with Senor Cuervo.

Oh, I went to buy that Sammy Hagar tequila. Fuck that, it's 40 bucks a bottle. Mr. Cuervo is a cheap date compared to that.

Here's what I'm listening to. It's going to depress me, I know it. But it's so damn good.

Life of Agony
Ugly (1995)
Other Side Of The River

There's blood on the floor and you're not even moving.
Don't really know if it's mine or yours but you ain't moving.

Eyes are wide as you grin at me.
You know there's a place where you rather would be.
If you should die and I survive, how could I go on knowing that I'm still alive?

Here breathing.

There's a beast that's living deep within me.
Forcing me to feed all my needs.
Yeah he's in me.

And he brought us here to end our fears.
To wave goodbye to all of the tears.
To start a new live on the other side of the river.

Well my world would be over.
My world would be over.

Hold on, hold on, I won't be long.
Wait for me, man, I won't be long.

You were such in a rush to reach the other side.
Look at yourself with that look in your eye.
Smiling wide, pre-occupied with that river.

Well my world would be over.
My world would be over.


All the creepy guys out here on the Internet would like to thank you for the nice title. ;-)

You could caption Glenn. It's a funny picture. It might occupy you for a while.

Sauza Hornitos. Good stuff.

So, have you masturbated yet or what?

$40 is cheap for good liquor - hell, my in-laws brought me a $90 bottle of scotch.

Detailed here!


Mmmm, masturbation scotch...