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teenage fan club

This just in:

Most bloggers are teenage girls!

Interesting people run interesting blogs, but it's remarkable how few of them there are.

So the upshot of all this is it that not withstanding the gems of self-publishing - largely unsung by the A-list evangelists because they refuse to conform to the canon (Cryptome and Indymedia are not considered part of the club, for example) - the field is largely populated by adolescents - of all ages.

Maybe we're all safer this way - thanks to weblogs. Maybe blogs are a way of keeping the truly antisocial out of harm's way. So if you know a middle-aged sociopath, for heaven's sake, point him to a computer and show him how to start a weblog.

At least it will keep him off the streets.

This middle-aged sociopath is way ahead of you, idiot.

Frankly, I think it's people who spend their time writing columns about how tedious weblogs are that ought to rethink their life choices.

Perhaps we are all teenage girls at heart. That's not a bad thing. Teenage girls have passione and verve and the chutzpah to do anything and wear anything they want. They are brazen and sometimes sullen and most of all self-deprecating. They know how to laugh at silly things and enjoy all of life's riches without seeing the gloom that lies underneath. They are at once oblivious and hawk-eyed and just a touch self-centered. Ok, a lot self centered. I should know. I am the mother of a teenage girl. I was a teenage girl.

In fact, I still am. I am a teenage girl trapped in the body of a middle-aged sociopath.

At least I spend my time writing about things that mean something to me, rather than writing about how boring the thing I am writing about is.


Tedious, I think not. At least I don't read the boring ones. I read the interesting ones. And you're not the only middle aged blogger out there who has a teenage girl.

Blogging has it's advantages. My kid may not blog but her friends do and that's one way to know what they are up to by reading their blogs._

Another "blogs are insignificant" essay. Feh.

A lot of what is being said now about blogs was said five years ago about Drudge. Today, his hit counter stops working at 10 milliion page views a day. The New York Times buys ad space at Drudgereport.com.

Media organizations have to face facts: the power communicators a few years from now (if not already) will be individuals, not elite organizations. At least not until they start writing as fresh, as honest and interesting copy as I-pundit, Gawker and A Small Victory.

God, I need a drink.

Oh mawh gawd Avril Levine is coming to town, we so have to go see here. I wonder who will baby sit?

I'm a 48 year old teenage lesbian. That explains a lot.

This explains the rumor about Laurence over at ATS ... ;-)

Well, isn't that the same erudite researcher who pointed out that all the people from India were against the war in Iraq?

Nothing like getting paid to talk out one's ass......

I like how he lists Indymedia as superior too. No agenda on display there, no sir!

This is the raw thing. People who have no life critizizing the people who do. The first blog I saw was from some 15 year old girl. He mom had left the newt for some neighbor in the same building, and then mom's new stud was coming on to her. Real intense stuff.

If you have a boring life, you will have a boring blog. This guy ou quote probably couldn't read his own stuff if it was blog material

I lost the line to that blog in the migration to system X. I hope he got arrested.