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take me out to the ballgame, the liquor store, the deli....

I've got a Little League game to go to (and a liquor store stop to make). While I'm gone, if you feel like pondering something before my Friday Night Debauchery starts, Robyn is asking people about songs that prompted a major life change for you.

I'll have mine when I get back. You'll be surprised at what it is, I'm sure. No, it's not Slayer's Angel of Death.

So, ponder.


Hmm.....I'll be here. It may take me all damn night to think of the songs though.

You're buying liquor for the little league players??? Man, you are one cool mom!

Knowing you, the life-changing sone will be something by Faith No More. Sadly, I only know "I think I'm going to pieces", by them... and I doubt that's it.

Damn. Having never experienced anything life changing, I have to sit out yet another game.

Oh fine, get us all sitting around our computers half naked and then take off on us....

My Generation by the who
the wall by pink floyd
and Satisfaction by the stones
pretty much got me through high school
oh and hell is for children by pat penator
i was a rock and roll rebel what can i say
oh kinda dug
god save the queen by the sex pistols too

i know a nice jewish girl like moi

Might be cheesy, but Sarah McLachlan's "Elsewhere" did it for me --- "I believe this is heaven to no one else but me/and I'll defend it long as I can be left here to linger in silence/ would you try to understand?"

It solved an identity crisis for me, so I'm a little bit less screwed up than I was at the time. ;)

1st it was "My Generation"&"Magic Bus" by The Who,Live at Leeds albumn.Then it was the entire Blue Oyster Cult On Your Feet or On Your Knees albumn.Which is outstanding still,even though I can`t find it on CD.Then it was The Dead Boys,Caught With The Meat in Your Mouth,Sonic Reducer,I Need Lunch,& High Tension Wire.Oh,and Rap sux gigantic donkey dicks.

easy...let's get drunk and screw"...lol actually any buffet song...loved it..droped out of school..moved to the Keys and bought a sailboat...heheh...ahhhh the good ol days

Ramones - I Wanna Be Sedated
Stones - Happy
Stones - Miss You
Beatles - Revolution

'Tonights the Night' by Rod Stewart. Lost my virginity to that one. Good times.