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he'll get the lap dance, i'll just get to dance around in my pajamas

Jeff Jarvis has Blogger's Elbow. Glenn Reynolds has a variety of blogger ailments. Ha! I have Blogger Bladder. Beat that! Well, I'm sure I can figure out a way to blame it on blogging.

cvodka.jpgEveryone is telling me to drink cranberry juice. Just one question. Is it ok if there is vodka in it? What if there is cranberry juice in the vodka?

A rare thing will happen tonight. I will have the house to myself. As my husband runs his own business from home, I am very rarely alone in the house. Justin and I do everything outside of the home together, so that leaves little room for us being apart, what with his office in the living room.

The kids are off to their dad's and Justin is going to my sister's fiancee's bachelor party. I have to say, Justin seems just a little too excited about going to a strip club.

So I'll be here, not anywhere else. Several people have asked me to go out tonight, but no way. I am going to use this opportunity for all it's worth. I get to play my music, as loud as I want (with the new surround sound) and do goofy dances to cheesy new wave songs and view gay porn.

Not that I don't do those things when he's home, but it's just different being alone. No one will make fun of me when I get drunk and use the broom handle for a micrphone.

I've got all night and nothing to do but blog and pee. Who's with me?

Yea, i know you all go out on Friday nights.


Uh, I am, I'm almost always home on Saturday nights.

obviously not me, because i was ditched by my matron of honor in order for her to be alone...

Excuse me, but I had these plans since Andrew called. Before you made your other plans.

Bite me, anyhow.

Wow, I thought my weekly habit of spending Fridays sitting around with pencils, dice, and my dorky friends playing RPGs was sad, but spending Friday night peeing and blogging is much sadder.

Keep believing that, Steveo. RPGs on a Friday night outrank anything on the sad scale.

I'm already sans-pants and have been listening to New Order for about an hour now!

Wow! A friday night all to yourself! You can listen to anything you want...like FNM, maybe? LIke, maybe pop an EP in there? With like cover tunes and stuff? You know, since your going to do that anyway... maybe you can rip 'em down to an mp3 for some of the other FNM fans that read the blog.

I'm sure they'd appreciate it. ;)

I'm so with you! My husband is working tonight. I'm with you. Rammstein is already loud! I'm off to pick up the margaritas.

MB will probably join you in the pee/blog combo after she returns from her Friday dinner out with PB...he retreats to the History Channel.


Try returning your phone calls.

I'd cry because your hateful comments hurt and sting, but that wouldn't be becoming for a 10th level knight.

What if you weep melodramatically while you're drinking alone? Does that count as an activity.

Not that I'm asking for myself, or anything.

I'll be here.

No PJ's, but some really neato plaid boxer shorts though.

I meant to ask about the surround sound, is it loud enough to blow women's clothes off? (said in my best Seth Green imitation)

omg...i am learning that song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i was already drunk nad high today, i'd do it agian for you.. wanna? lol

I spent all morning and part of the afternoon and then two hours late in the evening helping my ex-boyfriend's wife paint his parents bedroom. I did a mural on the bathroom wall. Does the fun ever start. (Oh - my mural rocks. And the hideous yellow walls are gone. Too bad nothing can be done -- not now, anyway -- about the hideous seventies-era mustard-colored sink.)