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on feeling like you have to pee even when you don't

Nothing sucks worse than a bladder infection. Just in case you didn't know that.

So here I am at home, feeling as if my insides are going to fall out every time I pee, and I'm going through old boxes of my writing.

In 1979 I wrote a series of short stories about a family-run funeral home. The stories detail the lives and loves of the family members and how fucked up living in a funeral home can make a teenage girl.

I would sue HBO, but I don't think the creators of Six Feet Under were rummaging through my closet recently.

Perhaps, though, this gives credence to my theory that someone is always watching me.


I'm watching you!

I haven't tried this but I read that a bladder infection can be eased by drinking a alka seltzer.
I know how bothersome they are. Worth a try.

You know what they say - Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean somebody's not watching you.

FWIW- my wife used to take Cystex (OTC, antibacterial and analgesic) when she would get UTI's, and it helped a lot. Now she takes a Keflex or Macrodantin every time we have sex, and never gets them anymore. A PITA, yes, but better than UTI's.

Cranberry juice in vast quantities.
Worked for my first wife.

I just had a bladder infection recently also, so I understand your pain. All that pain for a dribble.... Oi.

If they put you on antibiotics, you might want to make sure to get some acidophilus to replace your good bacteria... or eat yogurt.

healing energy beaming michele's way

The whole HBO thing sounds like a perfect case of morphic resonance to me. Either that or someone really is watching you.

Get thee to a doctor. Don't rely on Cystex or cranberry juice. I did that and ended up septic, in the hospital, and screaming because they couldn't start my IV.

Listen to the nurse. Go to Urgent Care or something. Please. Do it for the children.

Oh man. Feel better soon!

i have had frequent urinary tract infection all my life so to the point that the doctors dont want to treat them anymore so i have learned to rely on plenty of fluids, rest and pyridumn. there are many names and over the counter brands but see if it would work for you.

I use to have UTI's pretty frequently... It was so bad, I went to the hospital... But I'm glad I did, the pain was due to kidney stones...
Try the white cranberry juice, it tast much better, and grape juice does just the same.
FYI: Don't wait too long to go to the DR's