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cult movies, part 3: visual quiz

My project is finally done, and it's only half of what I wanted it to be. I get bored easily.

Clicking on the link below will bring up a rather large image. The image consists of scenes or poster art from some of my favorite cult movies.

How many can you name? It should be relatively easy for most of you, considering the lists of cult movies some of you left over here.



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The Professional, Army of Darkness, UHF, Big Trouble in Little China, Office Space, Toxic Avenger, Strange Brew, Wizards, Spinal Tap, Heathers, Hackers, Pump up the Volume...

...that's all I got. Dammit.

I also see Killer Klowns, Empire Records, Warriors and Superstar.

In fairness, I missed five of the ones got.

Nope. Not Superstar.

uh, what does it say about me that i don't know not ONE of those movies?


Strange Brew
Strange Trouble in Little China
Spinal Tap
Office Space
Killer Klowns from Outer Space
Pump up the Volume
Toxic Avenger

I picked up Ash in the second row after reading the comments and going back and looking again.


Lessee, we got Donnie Darko, Suburbia (?), Strange Brew, Big Trouble in Little China, The Professional, Army of Darkness, UHF, This is Spinal Tap, Pump Up the Volume, Heathers, Eraserhead, Sid & Nancy, Hackers, Killer Klowns and the rest, I just dunno.

Nope, Maripat.

In no particular order, I got . . .

The Professional, Sid and Nancy, Big Trouble in Little China, Killer Clowns from Outer Space, Empire Records, Pump Up the Volume, Hackers, TheToxic Avenger, Donnie Darko, This is Spinal Tap, Strange Brew, and Office Space.

Heh, you should turn this into a "How Cult Are You?" quiz.

I see Office Space, UHF, Empire Records, Heathers, Killer Clowns From Outer Space. I also wonder how RHPS didn't make this collage, since when people think "cult film," they usually think of that one first.

Far Right at the very top=Big Trouble in Little China. Kim Cattrell looking interesting.

Far left in the middle=The Professional. I remember when some people thought Natalie would turn out badly for being in that movie. Next to her is Ash from Army of Darkness. Girl getting shot next to Ash (did you do that on purpose?) is from Battle Royale. I must see that sometime.

Hanging doll=Heathers. Next to it on the right at the very bottom: Hackers. Just above has to be Christian Slater, Pump Up the Volume.

That guy at the top next to BTILC looks so familiar...

Careful JC, cause that's a real interesting picture of Kim Cattrell's Gracie Law... because that's a photo of Suzee Pai's Miao Yin next to Dennis Dun's Wang Chi!

Is the masked guy from Death Race 2000?

I got all the others thankfully. Even Battle Royale.

The ones I recognized (without reading the comments first):
Donnie Darko
Strange Brew
Big Trouble in Little China
Evil Dead
Office Space
The Toxic Avenger
Spinal Tap

Reading the the original thread, how could I forget 'Battle Among the Stars'? A work of sheer schlock genius.

I recognize most. Donnie Darko, Warriors, Return of the Living Dead, Strange Brew, Big Trouble in Little Chine, Leon/The Professional, Army of Darkness, UHF, Office Space, Killer Klowns, Empire Records, Toxic Avenger, Spinal Tap, Sid and Nancy, Eraserhead, Heathers, Hackers, Pump Up the Volume. Don't know the bleeding woman: The HIdden? And is the Donahue-looking guy from Dead-Alive? The masked man is unfamiliar, too, as is the cartoon.