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site news

There's a new thing over in my sidebar called 'round the web. The links will change every day, and will always point to something I found interesting that you might want to check out, be it a new blog, a good post or something completely non blog related!

I like the way this site is shaping up, in both content and style. After over two years, I think I'm finally getting into the right groove.

[I stole the above idea from Aaron at 601am]


I stole the idea from Anil Dash

"non blog related"? What is this thing of which you speak?

yeah, but how did you do it??? I vaguely remember seeing something you can do with MTCategory tags to get a sidebar link or something to work....

Jim S,
I just set up another weblog and it writes to one file, which is then included in my main template. Others use MT catagories. It's do-able in Blogger and other apps, too. Email me if you'd like more info.

And you brought back the little dead girl! Hooray! I love her!

i know i need therapy now
today i felt sexually attracted to the little dead girl

I like this template, and the new energy. It feels like home.

Someone ought to slap me for that cliche'.

Looking good, chica!

Where did you get that blog script, it's really good

Great post - but I think you're so wrong.

Great blog - love the design.

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