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cult classics

This is why I love getting email:

After your A-Z contest, I was in the supermarket on Monday and grabbed a copy of Entertainment Weekly magazine, as they had the "50 Top Cult Films" listed in there.

Some good ones were listed (This is Spinal Tap at #1, Heathers, Clerks), but there was also some stuff that I just didn't get (Shawshank Redemption and PeeWee's Big Adventure chief among them).

It'd be interesting to see what your readers could come up with on this
one (hell, it'd also be worth it to see what you come up with, too).

You got it, Steve Mike.

[I would link EW, but their website is only available to AOL users or purchasers of the magazine. So fuck you, EW.]

Now, before we begin, let's define a cult movie.

Todd says a cult movie is one with "a wide popular base that developed by word of mouth, outside of the theatres."

According to cultmovies.info, the definition is thus:

are unusual, unconventional, sometimes controversial films (e.g. splatter movies); are rare, hard to find or even out of print (limited availability plays an important part); are usually watched over and over again by their admirers; were initially forgotten and later re-discovered and hailed as masterpieces (e.g. THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW).

So. nothing as challenging or game-worthy as the A-Z contest, but let's make a list of the blogosphere's favorite cult movies. Give me no more than five. I'll tabulate tonight or tomorrow to get the top three. Keep the definition in mind.


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"Just One Of The Guys" (1985).

I missed this one in the movies, but then years later HBO started putting this movie on all the time. High School girl assumes a phony male identity to do an "undercover" story for the school paper. It's so awful, yet every time I see it on TV I have to stop what I'm doing and watch. I feel so ashamed.

The Italian Job (original, of course).

The Italian Job. Original of course.

Leaning to close tags is a wonderful thing...

Well, you could probably hit the top 3 with Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2, and Army of Darkness so I am going to cheat a little. This isn't any particular order.

1. Evid Dead Trilogy - If you haven't seen these movies than you are not a true movie fan, let alone a cult movie fan. It's as simple as that.
2. Reefer Madness - Hilarious to watch since it is such a horrible propaganda film about a bunch of teens who smoke pot and then all go out and kill each other instead of eating 5 bags of potato chips which is what really would have happened.
3. From Dusk Till Dawn - Yeah I know it has a whole bunch of famous people involved but you have a wise cracking Cheech Marin vampire. Nuff said.
4. Zero Effect - An excellent, subtly funny film with a great performance from Bill Pullman as the brilliant but totally flaky private detective Daryl Zero. The film has elements of drama, comedy, love story and mystery all wrapped in one but it never beats you over the head with any of it.
5. Death Wish - Though it spawned 4 dreadful sequels, the first one still packs a punch. It's gritty, tough and where else are you going to see Jeff Goldblum playing a rapist/thug? This might not be a real 'cult' film, but what else do people think of when they hear 'Charles Bronson?'

Cobra Woman
Rocky Horror (well, of course)
Chinese Ghost Story
Peewee's Big Adventure

I haven't actually ever seen Cobra Woman, but RJM talks about it all the time, and I really really really WANT to see it. Someday, someway.

Billy Madison.

Buckaroo Banzai
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Life of Brian
Evil Dead Trilogy

Return of the Living Dead. I love when those corpses chase people through the graveyards.

Only 5?

Well Ok:

1 - Repo Man
2 - The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension
3 - Showgirls
4 - La Femme Nakita
5 - Blade Runner

Strange Brew
The Commitments
Stop Making Sense

  • Spinal Tap (I hear the new spoof at folk music - A Mighty Wind - is even better)
  • Any thing by Monty Python
  • Blues Brothers
  • The Committments
  • Attack of the Killer Tomatos

Harold & Maude
On Any Sunday (Steve McQueen 1971)
Citizen Kane
Monty Python & the Holy Grail (nod to Laurence)

Stuff nobody's mentioned yet:

The Warriors (WALTER!!! HILL!!!!)

Freaked (Alex "Bill & Ted" Winter's magnum opus)

Kentucky Fried Movie (created a genre)

Street Trash (an 80's pseudo-Troma film that was better than EVERY Troma film)

Dunyavi Kurtaran Adam (aka Turkish Star Wars)

Warlock (1989)-w/ Julien Sands
Gregory's Girl
My Favorite Year w/ Peter O'Toole
3 Musketeers w/ York, Chamberlain, Reed, et al
Andromeda Strain

Big Trouble in Little China

In no particular order, because i love them all:

Amazon Women on the Moon
The Big Lebowski
Whatever Happened to Baby Jane
Better Off Dead
The Goonies

What about "Beastmaster"? The one with the ferrets and Tanya Roberts? It is so, so bad; I'll watch it every time it is rerun. Perversity!

Easy Rider
Blue Velvet
Toxic Avenger
Dawn of the Dead
Texas Chainsaw Massacre
I'm Gonna Get You Sucka

Oh shit. That's six.

And let's not forget Deep Throat and Behind the Green Door. :)

Red Dawn, Man Bites Dog

Vanishing Point



Batman (1966 w Adam West)

Godzilla (Japanese versions)

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes
Chopper Chicks in Zombie Town
I Spit on Your Grave
The Birdcage (Hank Azaria in a mesh tank top and Daisy Dukes!)
The Breakfast Club (Not sure this qualifies, but all my friends and I can recite the movie from start to finish):

"Claire, would you ever date a guy with elepantitis of the nuts? I mean, if he had a nice car? Of course, you'd have to ride in the back seat 'cause his nuts would ride shotgun!"

The Princess Bride.
"Stop that now, I really mean it!"
"Anybody want a peanut?"

(The first one, before the sequels and cartoon)

The Three Amigos

All my others ones have been mentioned already.

A Clockwork Orange


I forgot one:


Empire Records
Rocky Horror Picture Show
Office Space
Eating Raoul

I'd like to throw in a vote for Sorry Wrong Number, an old Barbara Stanwyck film that is one of the best I've ever seen.

Plan 9 from Outer Space (I can't believe that one hasn't been mentioned yet)
Pink Flamingoes
Little Shop of Horrors (the original Roger Corman version)
Repo Man

Shit, I forgot about The Toxic Avenger!

The Hunger - with David Bowie featuring the Bauhaus song "Bela Lugosi's Dead" - probably inspired Ann Rice.

Suburbia - the Penelope Spheeris punk movie with a very young Flea and a bunch of other misfit youths.

The Princess Bride

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Raising Arizona

Approaching this task, I started off by filling a sheet of paper with titles that came to mind, then I started crossing them off based on ye olde Desert Island Criteria: if these were the only things I could watch, could I watch them again and again indefinitely?

So here's the surviving five:

Rocky Horror

Buckaroo Bonzai

Leon (aka The Professional, with Jean Reno, Gary Oldman and a really young Natalie Portman)

Monty Python and the Holy Grail


(...I'm sure this says more about me than I'd like to admit to...)

Rocky Horror Picture Show, of course
Eating Raoul
Urgh: A Music War
Night of the Living Dead

Monolith Monsters
Red Dawn
They Live!
A Boy and His Dog
Donovan's Brain

1. Pulp Fiction
2. The Matrix
3. Office Space
alt: Resevoir Dogs

OMG...nobody has mentioned it yet?!?!?!?!

Dazed and Confused!!!!!!!


Dead Alive
Metropolis (the silent movie, not the anime)
Donnie Darko

Wow, narrowing it down to five is really difficult.
1. Rocky Horror (I know it's been mentioned already, but it's my favorite)
2. Fright Night
3. The Lost Boys
4. Spinal Tap
5. Near Dark

I have a thing for vampires, what can I say?

Feh. I send you e-mail after midnight with this rare stroke of brilliant genius, and you put me down as "Steve"?

I'd say I'm hurt, but that'd be a lie and this is "No More Lying" week.

My top 5, though in no real order:

1. Glengarry Glen Ross. The movie that made being an asshole salesweasel cool.

"Second place? A set of steak knives. Third place? You're fired."

2. The Big Lebowski.

"Say what you will about the tenets of National Socialism, but at least it's an ethos."

3. Leon. Accept no substitutes.

4. Office Space.

5. Heathers.

"What is your damage?"

All these are good, here's one that wasn't mentioned:
"They Live"
if only for the one line:
I'm here to kick ass and chew bubblegum and I'm all out of bubblegum.

Some other ones that haven't been mentioned but should have been ....

Pink Floyd "The Wall"

and what about

"Heavy Metal" .... you gotta have Heavy Metal on the list .... Its a cartoon, it has sex, it has a corvette falling to earth from a space shuttle ... what more can you want from a "cult clasic" ... and as gravy you get an Amazon reviewer saying this:

This movie was not revolutionary or evolutionary by any means. All it adds up to is the feeling you've found a soiled "Penthouse" down at the playground

any film that can evoke visceral responses like that definitely deserves cult status ....

The Man Who Fell To Earth

How about...

Cannibal! The Musical!
Office Space
Free Enterprise
The New Jersey Trilogy (Clerks, et al)
The Pam and Tommy Lee video.

1.) Monty Python and the Holy Grail
2.) Tron
3.) Red Dawn
4.) War Games
5.) Goonies

1) Blues Brothers
2) Monty Python's Holy Grail
3) Princess Bride
4) Heathers
5) Brazil

It's a very small cult for this movie but here it is. Sleepy Hollow High.

My 5 faves have already been listed:

1. Holy Grail
2. Brazil
3. Princess Bride
4. Spinal Tap
5. Raising Arizona
(Though just about every other one listed could replace numbers 3-5).

How about:

Young Frankenstein
Blazing Saddles
Dr. Strangelove

Rock n Roll High School
Motel Hell
Repo Man
The Warriors
Fight Club ( does that count?)

Used Cars(Kurt Russell "Trust Me")
A Boy and His Dog(Don Johnson)
Labyrinth(Bowie and Jennifer Connely)
Liquid Sky9Annie Carlisle)
Neighbors(Belushi and Akroyd)

wow...no one has mentioned Hedwig and the Angry Inch...

then theres:

The Princess Bride
Monty Python and...well, any Monty Python will do
Little Shop of Horrors
the Evil Dead trilogy

aw, thats my five. it doesnt seem like enough, now does it?


Princess Bride (That word. I do not think it means what you think it means)

Hackers (can't help it. I always feel up after seeing it)

Pump Up the Volume (Take Cover Arizona!)

Tank Girl (snip snip)

Time Bandits (c'mon, midgets!)

Erik The Viking (what Sea Serpent?)

1. Fletch (Dr. Cocktosen?)
2. Caddyshack (It's a Baby Ruth bar!)
3. Red Dawn (Wolverines!!!!!!)
4. Dirty Dancing (Nobody puts Baby in a corne!!!)
5. Cannonball Run (1 or 2 both excellent)

1. The Princes Bride
2. Goonies
3. A Christmas Story
4. Monty Python and the Holy Grail
5. Cabin Boy


Some of my faves, in no particular order...

*Wizards ("They killed Fritz!")
*The Legend of Billie Jean (Pure '80s, start to finish.)
*Clerks (The chilling origin of Jay and Silent Bob)
*Robot Monster ("To be like the hu-man, to laugh, to love... why are these things not in the plan?")
*Monty Python and the Holy Grail (THE classic gamer movie. I can quote it start to fini... oh God, I'm pathetic!)

I realize now that I forgot Highlander,... I think I'll remove Life of Brian from my list to make room if it isn't too late.

"Return of the Living Dead", there is nothing like a naked zombie.

"Leon", not The Professional I consider the two movies to be different entities.

"Army of Darkness", nothing really can be said

"Empire Records", great music, storyline, and acting

"The Princess Bride", such a great flick

slacker (richard linklater pre-suburbia)
the crow
dead man
drugstore cowboy
sid and nancy
saturday night fever
taxi driver
easy rider
two moon junction

My personal top 3:

Chasing Amy

The Princess Bride
The Crow
Near Dark [Bill Paxton, Jeanette Goldstein, & Lance "method actors should not be allowed to play psycopaths" Henriksen" as vampires in the midwest].

As for stuff other people have mentioned, I'll not a friend's review of Showgirls "Man, I never thought I'd ever see a film where I'd think 'No, not more breasts!'".

Texas Chainsaw Massacre
The Crawling Eye
Priscilla Queen of the Desert

Only 5? okay, here goes:
Holy Grail
Repo Man
Harold and Maude
Rocky Horror

Spinal Tap
- "Yes, but our amps go to 11!"

Buckaroo Bonzai
- "Is everybody here named 'John'?"

- "Heather, why are you such a bitch? - Because I can be." ;-)

If.../Oh Lucky Man/Britania Hospital
- Only because they're SO weird, SO rare, many of the actors/actresses later went on to be fairly famous - and the Alan Price sound track of 'Oh Lucky Man' rocks... (and it was ONLY available in vinyl!) Ok, that's three, but they really are a matched set. Pare it down to 'Oh Lucky Man', if you must. ;-)

The Princess Bride
- "My Name is Inigo Montoyo. You killed my father. Prepare to die!"

and close runners up on my top 10 or so list:

A Christmas Story - "You'll shoot your eye out!"

Monty Python and the Holy Grail - "What's your name? What's your favorite color?"

Harold and Maude - you just gotta love what he does with an acetylene torch and that poor XKE Jag.... ;-)
(to say nothing of being the ultimate spring/autumn relationship!)

Fight Club - how many 'subliminal' images have YOU seen in this movie. Some of them are DEFINETELY not for underage eyes! Jeez - no wonder people watch this so many times!

Rocky Horror
The Warriors
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Big Trouble in Little China
Billy Jack

I'm not so sure that Python movies should be allowed as "cultist" --they're too beloved and very well known in the Blogosphere and elsewhere. Otherwise, Star Wars would be cultist too, which it was at one time, but got overused. Now then, a Brickfilms (a production company that makes movies using Legos) production of Python and the Holy Grail --that would be obscure and cult.

Should internet online access be a criteria? Then the top 3 should probably be
#3 Brickfilms' Monty Python and the Holy Grail
#2 Troops! [27MB Quicktime] the fanfilm of a cross between Star Wars and Cops!

and of course,
#1 any Quicktime movie by James Lileks on his Mac. (take that! Instapundit, you Video Foundry hoi-polloi!)

How about Cult Pairings?
Seen on Campuses pairings of Casablanca:Play It Again Sam comes to mind, but this is a cult pairing. Have lots of bloggers seen this pairing? probably

Should Science fiction be a separate category of cult?
2001:Space Odyssey, War of Worlds, Day the Earth Stood Still(well, all the 50's SciFi), Dark Star, KingKong(1933), Metropolis, etc?

How about X-mas cult? Perhaps they're not cult, but comfort films. (wouldn't Python be a comfort film?)
It's a Wonderful Life, Holiday Inn, a Christmas Tale, Scrooge(1953, non-colorized), White Chrismas, Ben-Hur, etc?

For small cult followings, which most bloggers would probably join in watching;
North by Northwest,
The Music Man (the original)
The Wizard of Oz
Young Frankenstein
Captain Blood!
Not all of these are my faves, but most bloggers/blogreaders are swayed by these, I've found.


But my #1 pick and favorite, both cult and obscure, and it's got it all is...

Big Trouble in Little China

"Here's to the Army and Navy
and the battles they have won.
Here's to America's colors,
the colors that never run!"
"May the wings of liberty never lose a feather."


Bad Ronald
Real Genius
Rollerball (with James Caan)

The Big Bus
Deathrace 2000
Innocent Blood

Reefer Madness
Night of the Living Dead
Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Attack of the Killer Tomatos

What a mess....very few of these fit any definition of 'cult' movies. Nearly all are not only widely available and wildly popular, but many--if not most--are commercially and critically successful. How can 'Raising Arizona' or 'Monty Python' or 'Harold and Maude' be cult films? Even 'Repo Man' played in Boston at one theater for nearly two years! Alex Cox observed he made a profit on the film just through this single exhibition outlet. If you look up any of these films listed, from 'Evil Dead' and 'Caddyshack' to 'The Warriors' and 'Rocky Horror' you find that not only have they made money, they are bona fide box office hits....returning tens of millions of dollars more than the cost of prints and advertising. 'Rocky Horror'--a rather low budget film--has the distinction of returning 100 times it's initial investment. That's not a cult film. My lord, 'Ghostbusters?' Hundreds of millions in box revenue and merchandising. Real cult films are such things as Joseph Losey's 'Boom'--which John Waters screens on his yearly tours. It's the only film he ever screens during his talks...and if there ever was a cult director, it's Waters...and this is his choice as the ne plus ultra cult film. Camille Paglia, also a Losey fan, would throw in that director's 'Secret Ceremony' with Elizabeth Taylor and Mia Farrow. Those are great cult films by any definition...not only for their obscurity, but for the ton of money lost at the box office, scarcity of available prints and true artistic merit. In fact, the aesthetic importance and subsequent influence of the 'cult' film on generations of directors are critical in determining their value and worth. Such films as Joseph Lewis 'Gun Crazy' is one of the most quoted films in history...just as Martin Scorsese. 'Night of the Hunter' by Charles Laughton, a spectacular box office dud, fits this category of greatly influential films, as does 'Kiss Me Deadly' by Robert Aldrich. 'Pulp Fiction's' glowing suitcase is directly lifted from KMD. NTH is similarly quoted, both in style and performance by numerous contemporary filmmakers...whole books have been written on the half dozen films I've mention...that's how important they are to film history and aesthetics. Yet they remain virtually unknown to the mass audiences that fill the multiplexes...in addition, they are all spectacularly weird. The latter quality might be ultimate qualifier of a true cult film...once the other qualities are attained. Your humble reader, Dr. John (Professor of Film, University of Michigan formerly of USC Film School)

1) Rocky Horror (midnight showings at the pillow theater - Cannery Row baby)

2) Blade Runner (original version - with Harrison Ford narration, and Rutger Hauer putting the nail through his hand - uncut)

3) Once upon a time in America - Directors cut (all 17 hours - the one that ends with Deniro in the Opium Den)

4) Ronin (whats in the damn package)

5) Kentucky Fried Movie (the popcorn you're eating has been pissed in - film at 11)(Yeah, it went out the car window, was at a drive in)

Second string -

6) Heavy Metal - soundtrack alone

7) 2001

8) Forbidden Planet - the ID!

9) Last of the Mohicans - they were not strangers, and we leave them as they lay

10) A Christmas Story - I triple dog dare ya!, and that LAMP!

Dr. John: So you're saying your list is...
Secret Cerwmony
Night of the Hunter
Kiss Me Deadly
Gun Crazy


My absolute favourite cult (as in nobody else has ever seen it) movie is Marty Feldman's Every Home Should have One. How could you not love a movie whose plot is - Teddy, working at an advertising agency, has to come up with a campaign for frozen porridge.

1. Freaks (1932 - it was cult, once upon a time, and hard to find on video)
2. Coonskin aka Streetfight (Ralph Bakshi animated trip, still hard to find)
3. A Little Romance (sweet 1979 flick about teen romance in France, Diane Lane's first film role, also featured Laurence Olivier)
4. Ssssssss (1973 Dirk Benedict monster flick about a man turning into a giant snake)
5. Piranha (again, once upon a time it was cult, and it's still a sharp little parody flick)

1) The Man with 2 Brains
2) A Boy and his Dog
3) Walkabout
4) Brazil
5) Time Bandits

Well, Lair already mentioned my favorites, so all I'll add is every single episode of MST3K, and even the movie.

"How can they find a bad version of Hamlet?"

Not yet mentioned:

Fear and loathing in Las Vegas

Anime classics like:
Ghost in the Shell
Osamu Tsuka's Metropolis
Dagger of the Kamui
Vampire Hunter D (the original)

My fave five cult numbers:

Zipang: A very weird, very expensive looking ninja caper from Japan made in 1990.

Naked Killer: Extremely funny HK martial arts flick about Versace clad hitwomen.

Beverly Hills Troop: Howlingly bad\good teen film from 1989 featuring Shelley Long as a Beverly Hills girl guide leader. Ruffle skirts and sparkly sounding synthesizers ahoy!

The Killing of Satan: Italian horror from 1971. Lesbian succubus kills a busload of day trippers. Satan doesn't die.

The Last Days of Disco: I love all of Whit Stillmans films but this is the funniest.

Crud! I forgot The Last Starfighter.

Pickpocket (Bresson)

Above the Roofs of Paris (Rivette)

The Girl With the Golden Eyes (based on a story by Balzac, but I forget the director)

Jacob's Ladder

Zazie dans le Metro

Wow. All of my initial picks were already listed. So here's my alternate list.

Faster Pussycat, Kill Kill
Local Hero
All About Eve
The Adventures of Baron Munchausen
River's Edge

I don't know that either availability or return on invenstment really fits what I'd define a "cult" film. The advent of Blockbuster, Suncoast Video and Best Buy has made the availability side of things somewhat moot, as you can now get a copy of most movies for purchase or rental somewhat easily.

Also, going by return on investment means that you then have to somehow justify how massive flops like Waterworld aren't "cult". Hell, Clerks cost (according to what I've got in front of me from EW) $27,575 to make, so I'm willing to bet that it was pretty easy to recoup the costs on that one, even without having a film that cracked AFI's Top 100 list.

Trying to pin down what is a cult movie tends to be more difficult, and verges on the definition of pornography -- you know it when you see it. Probably the easiest movie to point out is Rocky Horror. Yeah, I've seen it on cable, and I got and memorized the "live" soundtrack when I was younger, but there's this inner core of fans that go to the midnight showings, dressed as Riff-Raff, or bringing the toast to throw at the screen.

They're the movies that most people don't see, or that see it but it doesn't stick out the way that Titanic or Forest Gump or Pretty Woman did, but for you and the people that tend to make up your peer group it's become part of your culture. They're the movies that when you're talking with someone else you know once their eyes light up in that particular way when you mention the title, or a quote, and you know you've found a kindred spirit.

Buckaroo Banzai - a film so bad I've had multiple roommates who've refused to watch it with me, for fear of being infected with the Overthruster meme.

The Howling - a great cult horror film that inspired countless terrible sequels. Arguably better than An American Werewolf in London.

Casino Royale - a giant mess of a Bond film with countless 60's stars, including David Niven, who was one of the original choices to play Bond.

Yojimbo - Kurosawa's samurai Western, which treads the line between cult cinema and mainstream classic; inspired the equally cultish Eastwood spaghetti Westerns and a legion of Mifune fanboys.

CHUD - oh man . . .

Looks like most of mine picks have been mentioned. So I'll try to toss in a new one or two...
Killing Zoe

As far as my real list:
1. Real Genius
2. Big Trouble in Little China
3. Buckaroo Banzaii
4. Heathers
5. Akira (which also didn't get mentioned...so ha!)

Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things

Where The Buffalo Roam

What, nobody mentioned Brain Candy? It's No. 1 on my list, followed by RHPS and Holy Grail.

Five I like in no particular order:

Bad Taste
Clerks (or the whole Jersey Trilogy)
Cidade de Deus (City of God)
Shallow Grave

Well, I tried. At least people didn't throw me off the blog or ban me. But jeez...most of you are just (still) naming all your favorite movies...or so it seems. 'Shallow Grave"? C'mon...top ten box office hit in England, numero uno in Scotland. 'Brazil'? 'A Christmas Story'? Bob retired on the his share of that film...one of the biggest profit earners for a low budget film ever. At least 'Eraserhead' is here, so is the great 'Casino Royale'--both true cult films. 'Pickpocket' can't even qualify as a cult film...it's an all time classic, ranked up there with the greatest films of all time.

Oh well, just bloviating...who reads three day old threads anyway? Dr. John, the film pro

Try "Performance." James Fox, Mick Jagger, Anita Pallenberg, Michele Breton, score by Jack Nitszche. "The only performance that makes it is the one that achieves madness." James Fox dropped out of film acting after this film for about 20 years. Jagger supposedly try to buy up the rights. The first outing for Doug Cammel and Nick Roeg. Find out what psychedelia was really about. Stunning rendition of "Memo From Turner." For a review try this link. Maybe I'm just twisted, but I didn't have that hard a time following it. http://www.sensesofcinema.com/contents/01/14/cteq/performance.html
If not cult, should be.

1. Dead Alive
2. Cemetary Man
3. Six String Samurai
4. Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy
5. Wild in the Streets

There are lots and lots more, but these had the distinction of not having been repeated over and over in votes already.

... and I can't believe I forgot Prayer of the Rollerboys.

and no one has mentioned Cherry 2000. Or The Naked Kiss.

1. The Vanishing Point
2. Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things
3. Massacre at Central High

1. TroubleMan (Robert Hooks)
2. Brother from Another Planet
3. DeadLock
4. The Spook Who Sat by The Door
5. The Astonishing She-Monster

Try "Performance." James Fox, Mick Jagger, Anita Pallenberg, Michele Breton, score by Jack Nitszche. "The only performance that makes it is the one that achieves madness." James Fox dropped out of film acting after this film for about 20 years. Jagger supposedly try to buy up the rights. The first outing for Doug Cammel and Nick Roeg. Find out what psychedelia was really about. Stunning rendition of "Memo From Turner." For a review try this link. Maybe I'm just twisted, but I didn't have that hard a time following it. http://www.sensesofcinema.com/contents/01/14/cteq/performance.html
If not cult, should be.

My personal Favorites:
Once Upon A Time In America
2001: A Space Odyssey
Scarface (Al Pacino)