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i'll swallow your soul, in d flat

Holy mother of odd ideas, Batman!

EVIL DEAD I & II: THE MUSICAL GENERAL AUDITIONS Beyond Chutleigh Productions is pleased to announce open auditions for the upcoming production of the new musical based on the cult favourite films.

This is both very cool and very, very disturbing.

It also ties in nicely with my next contest/meme sort of thing, which will be about cult films and is coming soon, like within an hour.

via Mindless Chatter


"It ain't over until the brother of the director dressed up in a cheesy latex corpse outfit hanging from the ceiling sings I'LL SWALLOW YOUR SOUL."

"Dead by dawwwwn,
Dead by dawwwwn,
Oh, sweet Ash, your hand is gone!

You chopped off the right,
now it's a Deadite,
It'll bug you all night,
Dead by dawwwwn! Dead by dawwwwn!"