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psa for my sister lisa

Lisa was so happy that she got a bucket of margarita mix as a bridal shower gift.

But Mary Jane just laughed and laughed and laughed because she knew that Lisa left the mix at her sister Michele's house a few days too long and Michele was going to drink it.

[You had two chances to take it. It's mine now.]


I don't mind if you drink it all. It's replacing it you should worry about, Mary Jane. ;)

As a lawyer and an older brother myself, I can assure everyone that "It's mine because I said so" is legally valid between siblings, especially when the one asserting the claim can pummel the other into submission. Equity and good conscience does not require replacement of the item in question.

Of course, I was never a pummeller myself; I was better at mind tricks, like the one about the monster who lived in the closet and ate bad little sisters, and did she ever wonder why there weren't more sisters around the house?

Even though she's seven years younger than me, I could never take her in a fight. I think she started beating the crap out of me when she was two.

And she was the one who locked me in the closet. Though it was probably in retribution for that time my other sister and I tried to hide infant Lisa in the toy box.

Therefore, Dave, since the one who asserted the claim can't even pummel an ant into submission, replacement should be her only option in order to avoid any future pummeling from the younger, and oh, so, stronger sibling. Correct?

Replacement is a must, although it should only occur after the correct amount of torture and snarky commentary.

The Zomby has spoken. So there.

BUCKET of margarita mix? ears perk

My brother and I didn't start pummeling each other until we were teenagers and could do actual damage. Before that, he used to go into lengthy explanations about the most mundane things, and of course, I believed him and looked like an idiot.

Me: How does the weatherman figure out the chance of rain?

Jim: Well, you know how cows always lay down when it's going to rain? In every town there's a weather farm with a herd of 100 cows. Every morning the farmer puts the cows out in the pasture, then, just before the weather forecast, he calls the weatherman and tells him how many cows are laying down, and that's the percent chance of rain for the day. Seventy-five cows laying down means a 75 chance of rain.
Me: Oh.

I was only five when this particular discussion occured, but the psychological damage is still there...especially since he still likes to tell this story to just about everyone!

Wow. Someone who can beat up Michele. Lisa, I will never ever EVER cross you!