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talkin' baseball

Today's random groupings: Baseball blogs.

Baseball Crank
Baseball Musings
Pinstripe News
Bronx Banter
Bambino's Curse

Of course, this isn't a baseball blog, but I write about baseball often enough to qualify as a blog that sometimes talks about baseball. You know what I mean.

Here's three favorite baseball-related story of mine:

Why do they hate us?
A baseball story
Blowing Roger Clemens

And I'm still getting daily search requests regarding the sexuality of Chuck Knoblauch.

If you have a baseball blog one or know of one, or if you have a favorite post regarding baseball, leave a link in the comments.


Not a blog, exactly, but:

Lex Alexander Should Be Commissioner of Major-League Baseball:


I feel for ya. Because for all the yankee history, Mantle, DiMag, Ruth, Gehrig, when it's all said and done...

You've got Steinbrenner. You poor devils.

OTOH, [turns red with shame] we've got Rupert Murdoch.

Well, other than my own baseball page, there's always Baseball News Blog.

Don't forget Mike's Baseball Rants, which is worth its weight in gold on the days he does the Joe Morgan chat transcripts.

While everyone thought Knoblauch was gay when he played for the Twins (my team) he is, in fact, married to a woman.

Oh yea, and he's now OUT OF BASEBALL.

I write frequently about Baseball, you can read my stuff:


well, in '86, there was this GREAT team (unlike those damn Yankees you keep mentioning and BTW: If you do the secuality of ANY other Yanks player, I AM going to delink you cermoniously!) and they went to the world series.......

In 1986 there was the most arrogant team in all of baseball and they won the world series not because they were great but because the other team didn't play so well.

If not for Bill Buckner.....

Sorry, Michele, speaking as a Sox fan, Buckner's the easy scapegoat because his play, like Fisk's waving the HR fair, is a memorable clip that gets more air then it deserves.

The blame for losing the 86 series rests in the hands of MacNamara and the Sox bullpen -- Buckner's error may have allowed the Mets to win that game, but the Mets were down to their final out (and even their final strike) numerous times before Buckner became the fall guy for that series.

I've got a poll up on how Rickey Henderson should end his baseball career, if anyone is interested in voting: http://www.houseofplum.com/plumcrazy/archives/000693.html#000693

Oh hell, let me try that link this way: Rickey Henderson poll

Well, Tony Pierce comes to mind.

I recommend John Perricone's "Only Baseball Matters" mostly because it's about my favorite team, the SF Giants, but also because John does great work and had the good sense to invite your truly to contribute guest columns.