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rolling your friends. again.

Perhaps I should speak to the blogrolling guru about this.

Yes. I'm going to ask Jason to add a program to blogrolling, one that, when you use the blogroll this feature, will force a huge pop-up to appear on your screen with big, giant, neon letters that say:


What about it, Jason?


and maybe some sort of 'double posting in frustration' checker, too...

yep, caught that

Best idea I've heard in a long time! Cripes! Very frustrating!

Great idea! I've got something like 630 blogs on my blogroll, and I have NO idea of there are duplicates.

Yeah yeah yeah. I know. I know. It's honestly been on my list for ages but general bullshit gets in the way. I'll try and get to it a bit sooner. I promise.

Yea, but will it use my exact words?

There should be a Public Delinking feature. Just be sure to make the button really big, Michele. ;)

OOoo, Jason! You know how you have the recently linked page? You should have a recently DELINKED page!

Heh. Exceptional idea, Michele. Done that so many times it's not even funny.

And, how about a "You blogrolled this site on 4-23-02 and removed it on 5-10--02 because the blogger is an asshat" function?