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in bloomberg's new york

Everyone knows that in Bloomberg's New York, smokers are pariahs.

In Bloomberg's New York, you can be fined for sitting on a milk crate .

In Bloomberg's New York, a pregnant woman will be fined $50 for resting on subway stairs.

In Bloomberg's New York your trash will sit out on your curb longer and your firehouse may be closed.

Bloomberg's New York is looking more menacing by the day. How long before it looks like something out of Robocop?


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Well, New York is looking beautiful to Bloomberg, it's the rest of us working class nobodies who have to suffer while he lives the high life riding on his ego trip.

I LOVE New York!!

im with you sista
we'd all be so much better off
if he would just come out of the closet
i mean hello
we all know youre gay so just live out loud and proud
and then maybe you can let us live in peace
actually i dont want him to come out
he would make so many tolerant people homophobic
it isnt funny
did you catch the poll
that he has the lowest approval rating
in the history of the polls
what a prick
he was hired to pick up the economy of nyc
hes a business man
so what does he do
target smokers
raise our property tax 18 and a half percent?!?!??!
he's just a spoiled little prick
with no conception of how the common man lives

we havent had a mayor this useless since dinkens
at least dinkens did nothing
would be a huge improvement
over bloomy

is on a mission to turn NYC
into boston


we love new york because its new york
not boston
not la

love it or leave

so why dont you put on your girl drag
go get yourself a butch cop to do you right
and leave us the hell alone!!!

Where is Rudy G. when you really need him?

I saw Bloomberg in the subway system last night and nearly pushed him into the tracks. Of course, that had nothing to do with him being the mayor and everything to do with my being in a bad mood and trying to catch a train. He was in my way, you see. Didn't realize it until after he'd passed.

The next question is which corporate entity will become OCP?

Bloomberg must really want to be a one-term mayor. I have many gripes about Chicago (mainly the Daley political combine), but on the whole the city works. So I hope NYC gets good leadership eventually.

Here in Houston, we've lived through a variant of the Robocop plot. First, we got a police chief, then we took out his brain to create a super-cop. Problem is, we kept the brainless husk of a police chief in office. He vanished for a while, and then we elected him mayor 3 times in a row.

You could live in DC where the most of the African-American population keeps clamoring for Marion Barry to run for office again. The man is a convicted felon, for goodness' sakes!! He was caught in a hotel room WITH A HOOKER AND HE WAS SMOKING CRACK!!!

CNN Headlines had a good time poking at Nanny Bloombutt, today; ran his feeble protest, but...by and large gave most of the time to those who were clobbered.

Maybe more like Bladerunner.