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you can't get rid of me that easy

I'm back.

Despite the rumors circulating about fires and explosions, the real truth of the matter is this: It was me. A Jedi Mind Trick gone wrong.

Pissed at Acidman for delinking me, I tried to use the force to get his site to go out. I guess the force is strong with this one, because it took out half of the blogs on my blogroll.

Next time I'll just send Boba Fett after him.

I was playing with the button maker to while away the time. Feel free to steal these to link to me (or if you are Acidman, to not link me), or go make your own or take some of the pre-made buttons. Pretty nifty.

asv3.png asv1.bmp

Now, I'll let you catch up with what I already posted today before I post again. And then go see Treacher's new digs. He finally made the big move.

Now go leave me some comments. I missed you all so much today.

If you sent a mail to michele@asmallvictory today, please resend.


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It was cold and dark. I was scared. Don't ever leave me again.

I can't fit all of Amish Tech Support in there. Waaaaaaaaah!

Lordy! I was going through withdrawal! Too many of you are on the same host, it was awful!

how is my favorite homophobe this evening? hehe.

do you want your margarita blended or on the rocks?

Oh Gawd I missed you!!! so glad to see you back :)

leaves you a comment


Much nicer. :)

Goddammit, I had to actually do some work. Don't do that no more.

You even affected Mike at Cold Fury. He couldn't get to Instapundit or Daily Pundit, and had nothing to parrot back at us...

I think I've finally stopped shaking from the withdrawals. No more Jedi mind tricks - you hear me???

MC ... you getting my mail?

I was afraid I'd have to go
to bed without at least
One small victory today

And I thought it was my server that kept blanking me at every turn! Guess I should apologize to the internet gods now--I have quite the foul mouth when frustrated...

Begun the Blog Wars have they.

Who loves ya, baby?

First disbelief, then denial... then PANIC!!!

What was I going to do if your site was gone for good? What could have happened? Had Long Island finally slid off into the Atlantic? (or was that California into the Pacific? I get so confused under stress!) ;-)

Being mostly a 'lurker' - and definitely not part of your 'inner circle' - I was concerned - and felt quite helpless. Not a pleasant feeling, to say the least! I mean, how was I gonna get my daily fix? And what about tomorrow, or the day after! How was I going to find out about the book we're all waiting for Michele to write?? (and that I so want to buy!) ;-)

Now go leave me some comments. I missed you all so much today.

I think I speak for all of us - We missed you too, and are glad you're back!