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hello, noam? do you have prince albert in a can?

From TV Barn via War Liberal:

WASHINGTON, DC, May 30, 2003 - On Sunday, June 1, 2003 at 12 noon ET, IN DEPTH on Book TV, C-SPAN2's signature author interview program, features a three-hour LIVE conversation with philosopher, political activist and author Noam Chomsky. The program will re-air in its entirety at 6pm and 12 midnight ET.

As Mac said:

That's a call-in show, folks. A three-hour, live call-in show. Beginning noon, ET. Get your questions ready.

I don't even want to ask him anything. I think I'll just fart into the phone.


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How about this: "Noam, you've spoken frequently about how the media and the government conspire to create falsehoods for people do believe. Since you've gone on the record as admiring the works of Holocaust deniers, would you say that the Holocaust was just a giant falsehood manufactured by conspiracy?"

Actually it's much harder than that to make Noam look bad Knapp.

For one thing Noam has his lines down pat for everything you can come up with. The Holocaust denier thing was just a matter of defending freedom of speech or so Noam always says...

Whether that's actually the truth, I don't know - Noam DOES lie, spin, hide information and manipulate all the time but he's got the perfect cover he's the one who reveals the lies and hypocracies of other. No one would believe anyone could be that much of hypocrite, certainly not a genius like Noam... As I said he's got the perfect cover.

He's also getting more and more paranoid and (I think) senile these days. It was amazing to read the back and forth between him an Christopher Hitchens recently. Noam called Hitchens a racist (among other things) and then when Hitchens defended himself, Chomsky claimed to have never written the things he wrote in the previous letter... And claimed that this proved that Hitchens is a liar. That's right, quoting Chomsky at Chomsky makes you a liar.

After I studied the situation in the Middle East I was left wondering why the truth bares no resemblance to what Chomsky writes... I think I found my answer in something Chomsky told someone when he was younger.

Chomsky said that in Vietnam it was easy to avoid reporting how oppressive the North was because there was so many other things he could focus on. But he said that he never went to Cuba because then he'd have to admit in his writing that the Cuban government is very oppressive.

That's what's wrong with Chomsky in a nutshell. He isn't trying to give people an honest view of what's going on. He has nothing but contempt for the American public and hopes to manipulate our policies and opinions by hiding the truth from us. He considers it his goal to manipulate the US into complete issolationism.

Will it be a "BBBBBBBBBWANT" or a "PFFFFFT" kind of fart??? Are you wanting impact or subtle expression? I think a fart is a great approach, not too expressive, but certainly gets the point across.

The "BBBBBBBBBBBWANT" is always a classic. If you drink a lot of Heinekens on Saturday night, it should make it pretty easy.

What I find most offensive about Chomsky is that he simply cannot write. His prose is so leaden and lifeless. It's almost as if someone designed a computer programme for the Commodore 64 called The Socialist Hackademic Generator 2000 and left it running for 20 years. He just keeps churning out $10 potboilers like some sort of anti-Jackie Collins. At least one can frigg off with Collins' bonkbusters; Chomsky incites altogether less pleasurable discharges

Christopher Hitchens is right- Chomsky is a robot. Just compare the Hitchens vs Chomsky email war; Hitchens is passionate, lively and lucid. Chomsky meanwhile comes across as a insecure old cube trying to bitchily dismiss an upstart undergraduate.

Grace and passion are the best attributes to have as a writer. Chomsky only has ideology. The poor old slag.

I wish I had the patience to watch this. But Chomsky enrages me. Well, not Chomsky himself, actually, but the fact that he has so many drooling sycophantic admirers, when clearly everything he says is dog-squeeze.

Christopher Hitchens is right- Chomsky is a robot.

Foolish humans. There is no Noam Chomsky. Only the one known as "Hitchens" has approached the truth. Chomsky is merely a program designed to spout distracting nonsense while your machine masters use your bio-energy to power themselves. As proof, I offer a previous, less sophisticated version of the Chomsky program, one without the interactive features and almost life-like face:


Of course, your minds will have to be erased of this knowledge.