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and then there was the homily

I donít know if you noticed, but things have changed around here. I donít mean aesthetically - Iíll always and forever be changing the way this site looks. The content has changed. No, changed isnít the right word. Itís more like - reverted.

Iíve gone back to my old habit (a good habit, in my eyes) of mixing it up every day. Not just war or politics or current events all the time. Iíve been getting away from spending all day harping about lefties and Ted Rall and the French.

Much of my war and terrorism stories get posted over at Command Post. If I spend all day looking for stories to post there, I get tired of it when I am writing for here. Sure, I love to lay a good rant down once in a while, but not every day. Not anymore.

I miss writing about life and love and laughter. I miss writing my little vignettes about my kids and my family. Iím going to do more of that and less of the outright angry rants. Oh, Iíll still do them. Ted Rall and Mark Morford will always need bitchslapping, but Iím just not going to make an all day project out of anger anymore. Iíll still bang away at the keyboard, lashing out at politicians and the U.N. and the state of education; it will just be done in a different way, a mixture of all that and the emotions of everyday life rolled into one.

Iím sure Iíll lose some people as the transition becomes more evident, and thatís ok. I understand that many of my readers came here looking for news of the wars on terrorism, Iraq and the loony left. There are many other blogs in my sidebar that are very adept (more so than I) at covering those bases. While Iíll still cover all that stuff (here and at Command Post), it just wonít be the only thing I write about; I wonít feel like I have to make apologies when I write about comic books or our day at the beach instead of the Patriot Act.

I noticed something. I very rarely check my stats anymore. So I wonít really notice if the less I talk about war, the less readers I have. Iíll just be happy to have you still around. Iím not one of those people who will say ďI write for myself,Ē because every since this weblog gained an audience I started writing with the audience in mind. Thatís a good thing, I think. It makes me want to write better and more often.

So, yea. Thatís where we stand. Onward, upward and forward.

You may now face Lileks and kneel.


It's the personal side of a blog that makes it worth reading! I can get facts anywhere - too many places maybe. But knowing the person behind the blog, and the rants, and the politics, makes it worth reading.

So you are going back to what drew me here in the first place.... personal insight. :)

What beth said.

Cool. Too much thinking and not enough feeling has been making my brain hurt.
You'll wont lose this fan though, either way.

Michele, I don't give a crap what you write about...as long as you keep writing, I will keep reading! That's all there is to it!

Me too...what Lisa said and that I am tapped out with the political stuff for the moment. Been there, done that...now the heavy lifting is done...the Dems and media will just kick the shit out of our role in Iraq no matter what happens.

It's way too early to have any fun with Bozos2004.

Summer's here...time to lighten up and drink beer in the afternoon.

Yeah, if I ever have a tendency to skim over anything that you write (which I rarely ever do), it's definitely when things get politcal. It's the stories of your life, things such as the recent A-Z song contest, etc. that keep most of us stalkers salivating for more. We can get news anywhere. This is the only place that we can get a glimpse of what's rattling around in your brain.

And when's the last time you did a photo essay?? Gotta love the photo essay!

Thank you. Its about time. People know where to get vitriol, but there are few places to get personal reflections that are interesting.

I'm here for the humor, insight and passion that goes into the posts. The subjects are less important.

I'm here for the pie. And the occasional threat of boobies. Yes, I said boobies.

And your ridiculous contests, which are way more fun than Indymedia or Iraq. Or even Ted Rall.

No matter what you write about, I'll always be your fan. :) Even if you too harshly penalized me for a good song.

I originally landed here by accident, and came back because I couldn't help liking you. Cutting back on the political stuff doesn't bother me - I'm slightly left of center myself, but I haven't noticed you going after anyone who didn't deserve it up to now. Even so, I'd say that the personal content is generally more compelling. It's a good move...

I'm mainly a political sort but I have to agree with this one:
"And your ridiculous contests, which are way more fun than Indymedia or Iraq. Or even Ted Rall."
Too true!

What Beth said again.
Somewhere between being a first-time father with a 22-month old son who's heavily into technology (mobile phones, computers, VCRs...), my working furiously on a Master's of Information Technology, and my holding down a job that sometimes takes me to Perth, Western Australia or Bangkok, Thailand, my contributions to the Command Post have been sporadic re The Great Matter Of World Affairs.
The thing most important to me now is searching in the back yard for Dandelion Parachutes with Andrew. And wheeling him round in a wheelbarrow. I think it's called "Life". Obviously you have one too, and we like reading about it.

..It is a far, far, better thing, that you do...and a big victory, indeed. This current trend on the majority of blogs, that is, of finding rhyme or reason, on what is this world coming to(?), specifically with their facination with world affairs and national news, is overindulgence and rehash punctuated with more than a few sprinkles of regurgitation. In general, an encore to bloated coverage--the news posts on the blog sites repeat, at least in content, that of which already has been reported on Fox, et. al., and in ditto, scheduled for broadcast, tonightly, on network TV news, characteristically to the point that the full half-hour reserved for local newscasts, gets part of its real estate cancelled and neglected by parrot. There are radios and newspapers with Jimmy Olsens and Lois's, too, but what the world needs, alrighty, is more personal anthropology, by far, more interesting news fit to print in this forum, but that's one blogee's personal opinion on one day in May.

Honey, I love it when you write about your kids and other bits of juicy goodness. Don't bother explaining yourself to anyone! Just. Do. It.

By the way....you could write asdjiofnasdf./ asdfhoiawsf sofnasdfao; and I'd still read you.

Sounds great to me. I love your takes on Ted Rall et al., but your stories about your family are even more fascinating.

Reading A Small Victory has shaped a lot of my views...however, I still think your taste in music is weird. :)