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the church of the blogoshphere bulletin

Good afternoon, dear congregation. Before we begin our service, I'd like to read the announcements for today.

A couple of our members have moved to greener pastures. Please bring some pie or a tuna casserole to the new homes of:

Kevin Parrot
Eugene Volokh
Tim Blair
Damian Penny

Jack Cluth hasn't moved, but he did redecorate his house. Unfortunately, the self-appointed design committee of the neighborhood gave it a terrible review that was laced with antogonism. I'd like to thank the members of the congregation who came out to give Jack support.

I'd like to point out that Mr. Truth Laid Bear has taken on a project to welcome new members and highlight their services to the community. Please take a few moments to peruse Mircobes on Parade and spread the word to the newer members amongst us.

Brother Dean Esmay has announced that he will be hosting a pot luck gathering (or was that pot gathering?) in Detroit on July 19th in celebration of his 37th birthday. If you are in the Detroit area, do stop by. Please remember that in our congregation, the honorary custom for birthday gatherings is to bring a bottle of tequila and some limes.

Speaking of tequila and parties, the church of the blogosphere would like to plan something similar in New York. If you are interested in coming out to Long Island for a night of church-sanctioned debauchery, please contact me.

John Cole would like to announce that he has completed his studies and finally found a timely companion to Godwin's Law. For more information on Gorejack, please visit John.

We regret to announce that Brother Kevin, who is in an Undisclosed Middle Easter Country (tm), was the victim of a fire on his base. He and his fellow soldiers lost almost all of their personal belongings. To help them recover their losses (and, as good members in faith of the church of the blogosphere, I know that's what you want to do) please make a donation through Kevin here. There are also pictures.

If you have anything you would like to add to add to the bulletin, please feel free.

If you would like to prepare for tonight's sermon, go here.

I'd like to end this with the blogger's prayer:

may your links be plentiful
may your trolls fall silent
and may you one day know the glory
of the instalanche

You may now face the potrait of Mr. Lileks as we begin our silent meditation.


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Is that the one where I'm wearing John Gacy makeup? I hate that picture.

And you claim to be an atheist...

I think there's really only one thing one can say:

Amen, sister!

I'll bring the loaf cake & cookies for the after service coffee hour.

When does the blogger bingo game start, again?

Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition!!

I'm compliming an ongoing list of blogspot movers at my site. Didn't know about Kevin Parrott. I've got a few others not listed here. Link to the list is here.

This isn't one of those liberal gun-fearing wussy churches which bans guns on its premises, is it?

If it is, I'd better get going.

I would also like to thank all of those who have supported me. I'm no techie, but I know what I like, and I like the way the ol' homestead is looking these days. Change is good, no??

Just a clarification, I didn't lose anything, am just trying to help out those who did.

Forgive me, Right Irreverent Michele, but I have sinned. I clicked on a certain link and found myself at the most acidic site...

Everybody sing along!

Oh happy day!
Oh happy day!
When Jeebus washed
When Jeebus washed
I said when Jeebus washed
my trolls away!